The Personality Traits Of The Pisces Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

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The Personality Traits Of The Pisces Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

While we all like to think there's something special about our own zodiac sign, there truly is something amazing about the sun sign, Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, this is obviously a water sign, and they are represented by the iconic dual fish. And it is also the last sign of the zodiac.

The well-known Pisces traits are their compassion and empathy, and how they take time to understand others. They're also very loving.

The Pisces sign likes to see the positive in every situation, and their attitude is infectious; if there's a Pisces involved, everyone around them will benefit.

While there's a mix of negative and positive personality traits for each sign, the Pisces personality can be described in quite a unique way. If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, you are:

    • Optimistic, positive, interested
    • Easy-going, adventurous, intrigued 
    • Loyal, openminded, supportive
    • Passive, weak, overly sensitive
    • Attentive, good listeners, trustworthy
    • Intuitive, psychic, wise
    • Soulful, spiritual, meditative
    • Instinctive, rational, decisive
    • Emotional, cerebral, detached
    • Crybabies, tantrum-throwers, weepy
    • Insecure, people pleasers, engaged
    • Romantic, sexy, loving
    • Territorial, possessive, clingy

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    While these characteristics describe the Pisces zodiac sign, there's a better way to understand their inner workings. Since Pisces has combined traits of every other zodiac sign, let's delve into every part of their life, including spirituality, relationships, zodiac compatibility, and health.

    How does Pisces fall in love?

    Pisces is just about the highest you can get when you're looking for love and a loyal, romantic partner. They believe in love as if it's almost a religion, and they take their partnerships very seriously.

    Pisces is not a cheater, but they expect the same in their romantic partnerships. This sign never tires of pleases their partner, and will always go the distance to make others happy. Pisces is a loyal partner and a great, attentive lover.

    What business/career/work is the best fit for Pisces?

    Pisces make great workers, as long as the work involves using their minds and their insight.

    You'll see many Pisces people working in careers that deal with psychiatry, psychology and other areas where intuition is needed. They are at their best when it's time to make heavy decisions as they trust their gut and are usually correct in their estimates.

    They are great workers when the job is right for them.

    How does the Pisces sign raise a family?

    Because of their extreme sense of loyalty, they tend to have very warm and fuzzy relationships with all their family members.

    As parents, they are overly protective, possibly even to the point of overkill. They are filled with great intentions, though sometimes they come off as bossy or too pushy when it comes to getting their own way within the family.

    Ultimately, they are deeply loved for their efforts and their ability to gather people together for family occasions.

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    Does Pisces suffer from any health issues?

    Pisces are associated with the feet. This may be why so many Pisces are dancers; however, this makes them vulnerable in this department.

    This sign has a tendency to suffer from foot problems, which could be anything from Athlete's Foot to bone spurs, hammer toes and bunions. The upside of being ruled by the feet is that they make great runners, which helps with aerobic health and the heart.

    How creative is Pisces?

    No one does DYI like Pisces.

    This is an incredibly creative sign, and they really like the "hands on" approach to just about everything. They make great interior designers, both professional and amateur, and a visit to their house lets you know how much care and artfulness they put into everything.

    They love little projects that engage them fully, and they don't mind doing it all on their own without any help. Their wonderful imaginations keep them content through all of their endeavors.

    What kind of lover is the Pisces zodiac sign?

    If you want a dedicated lover who is ultimately concerned with your pleasure, then get yourself a Pisces partner.

    While Pisces prefer sex in a monogamous set-up within a relationship, that doesn't stop them when there is no relationship at present. They are into being touched, but nothing gets them as high as when they please you. They are people pleasers both in the world and in the sack.

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    How does Pisces handle their money and finances?

    Being a water sign, one could say money slips through their fingers, as does water.

    They are respectful of financial situations, though they are rarely attracted to them. You won't see Pisces working in banks, though they will invest if their intuition tells them to.

    You will, however, see Pisces in the casino, trying to win big. They'd rather win or inherit money than work for it. They are able to manage their finances, though it's not in their line up of "things I like doing."

    Is Pisces a spiritual zodiac sign?

    Pisces are very, very spiritual. It's the fluid nature of their sign — they are malleable, soft, want to be influenced, and they want the foundation of spirituality to keep them anchored.

    Pisces are attracted to many forms of spirituality and rarely lock into religion. You'll find Pisces at ashrams, meditation spaces and on spiritual retreats. They love to pack a bag and go out on a spiritual quest, always open to whatever comes their way.

    What is the Pisces personality like in everyday life?

    You can rely on Pisces to come through on deadlines, so if you are working with one, know that they will do the right thing by you.

    Their daily life is filled with creative thought, and most of that goes towards what they can do for both family and friends. They make the best friends you can get, so you should treat them with care.

    They do hurt easily, and sometimes their nervous nature can get on one's nerves. But they are truly good people who try hard to make others happy in this world.

    What conflicts does Pisces involve themselves in?

    Prone to negativity, Pisces can take a bad situation and make it so much worse.

    In opposition, you won't have to worry about vengeance of retribution, but you will have to deal with the intense amount of sadness and depression that you might cause, simply by disagreeing with your Pisces friend.

    They do not like being challenged and usually take it as a personal affront, which leads them to shut down and go quiet. They will not fight for themselves and this can make them seem like martyrs at times.

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