How The Double Venus Transits On January 27th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Next Month

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How The Double Venus Transits Will Affect Our Relationships For The Next Month
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We get a bit of an emotional reality check as we experience two Venus transits on January 27th: Venus square Mars, with Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, as well as Venus conjunct Neptune, with Neptune in Pisces.

For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, these two transits will bring with them some strong emotions and have us consider the relationships we’ve been engaging in.

The first transit is a square between Venus in Pisces, and her masculine counterpart Mars in Sagittarius. The second will occur when Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, which will be that moment we realize we can’t wear our rose-colored glasses forever.

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In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, often creating a point of tension of difficulty that we must move through in order to gain the knowledge and the lesson we are meant to. In this case, though, the square takes on a bit of a different energy as it occurs between the celestial lovers, Venus and Mars.

These two planets, Venus and Mars, are known as the celestial lovers because they represent the divine feminine and masculine. And while exact aspects like this one are rarer, they seem to dance around one another, affecting the energy we experience here on earth.

Venus is the planet that rules love and financial abundance, so when we see a transit that affects her, we know automatically we’re going to feel its affects within our romantic relationships, or even our beliefs about them if we’re single. In Pisces, Venus is at one of her strongest points. She’s feminine, intoxicating, loving, mysterious, and extremely enticing for those that vibrate with the divine masculine, which is where Mars comes in.

Mars is the planet that rules our motivation, desires, ambition and even passion, and it is also the plant that rules the divine masculine. Currently in Sagittarius, Mars is feeling not just powerful but also as if anything is possible.

Where Mars is at home in Aries, Aries sometimes lacks that existential perspective that Sagittarius can’t help but to bring into any situation. This means that while Mars is feeling passionate and driven, he’s also feeling very connected to what he pursues around this time.

Mars and Venus create a lot of sexual energy together, and this will likely be a topic we’re going to have to address within our relationships.

Often, we gauge our relationship in terms of our intimacy levels, not realizing that it’s not about what happens between the sheets, but rather what happens between two souls that determine the connectedness of two people. This transit will shine a light on any spaces or blind spots that exist between us and our partner.

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If we’ve been using physical intimacy to create emotional intimacy, this is something that would surface around this time as emotional frustration because of that lack of fulfillment, but also as sexual frustration by that lack of connectedness.

We need the truth to come out, but it doesn’t mean we’re always ready to face it, which is why we must approach these transits with caution. Venus in Pisces is radiating beautiful, lustful energy right now, and Mars in Sagittarius is strong, confident, and deserving.

It's a perfect storm for chemistry, but it may not be convenient. It may not be with our partner or the person we had anticipated it would be with, which is part of the X factor with this transit because sometimes what we need isn’t what we thought we wanted.

Strengthening this transit is the conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. A conjunction is defined by two planets being near one another, essentially sharing their energy and the mutual benefits and affects. In this case, we have Venus, the planet of love and luxury, with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams and unconditional love, both coming together in Pisces, the most romantic sign of the zodiac.

This is going to create some fantastic energy to be utilized and could result in beautiful new love affairs, or even rekindling of fires that we had long suspected had burned out.

But... there is a but. It doesn’t mean it’s going to come easy. It doesn’t mean it’s going to come without heartbreak or without challenges. Sometimes, the planets help us feel what we already have felt subtly growing in our souls, but suddenly makes it seem like this is the moment to act on it. All this is necessary, and should be seized and utilized, but it’s not always without causalities.

Because of the strong pull of Venus and Mars to one another, we must be aware that if the person we feel this connection to isn't our current partner, there may be breakups, arguments and heated battles.

If we push down our desires and our feelings, resisting the urge to follow our souls and our hearts, we likely will feel a surge of frustration and anger — not because we can’t have what we want, but because we’re not letting ourselves have it.

Everything happens how it’s meant to, and while this is the continuation of the story that began the beginning of January between the eclipses, it may not yet be over. It’s important for us to be able to observe what we’re feeling without judging it; it’s essential for us to validate ourselves without feeling guilty, and it’s imperative that we trust ourselves. If we don’t, there’s no point to attempting to trust anyone else.

Feelings aren’t rationale, they aren’t convenient, and neither is desire. But both are elements of our truth, so both are also parts of who we are, which means that denying them is also to do the same to ourselves.

Maybe we don’t get what we expect to in this life. Maybe we take the meandering way, the difficult way. But the point of all of this is to simply go with it — wherever it may take us, and to whom.

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