The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

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The Comprehensive Personality Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign — And What Every Aspect Of Their Life Is Like

Cancer, the Crab, is a water sign ruled by the Moon. The Cancer zodiac sign shares this element with Scorpio and Pisces, the two other water signs in astrology.

Cancer rules emotion, and this tends to spill over into intuition and psychic ability. But this zodiac sign also rules the chest, breasts and stomach, making them very body-oriented and extremely body-conscious.

Cancer is the person who holds on to things, desires security, and essentially wants to spend as much time as possible in the comfort of their own home.

Born between June 21st and July 22nd, the Cancer traits include:

  • Emotional, intuitive, intense
  • Loyal, trustworthy, moody
  • Nervy, inconsiderate, paranoid
  • Manipulative, instinctive, thoughtful
  • Dependable, controlling, silly
  • Fun-loving, humorous, flighty
  • Forgiving, giddy, miserable
  • Sentimental, hoarding, nostalgic
  • Charming, funny, passionate 
  • Self pitying, temperamental, flippant

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But as for the rest of their positive personality traits, there are multiple layers and facets to this complex zodiac sign, including how they handle their finances, raising a family, love compatibility, and more.

What is Cancer like in love?

They are flirtatious and seductive. If you are the partner of a Cancer lover, they expect you to focus on them alone or be punished. Cancer is a loyal partner who expects the same. They are fully engaged in trusting you, but if you break their trust, you will never get it back again.

They are also vicious lovers when it comes to revenge; do not lie to or cheat on a Cancer, as they are completely committed to ruining your life if you should dare. While they are loving and loyal, they are also treacherous. Remember, their sign is represented by a crab, so expect crabby behavior and a couple of snips from a heavy claw. Also, they rock in the sack.

What business/career/work is best for the Cancer zodiac sign?

Cancers tend to be lazy and find themselves in jobs that allow for this kind of lax attitude. While they are dedicated to doing a good job, they choose the kind of work that doesn't require more than they're willing to give. Put a Cancer in a position of leadership and you'll see them shine. 

They certainly don't mind being the center of attention, not to mention that they are susceptible to flattery. As leaders in the workplace, they will make everyone feel accepted and secure, a feeling they desire to feel every day of their work experience.

How does Cancer raise a family?

Naturally able to take care of a household, Cancer rises to the opportunity to raise a family. The stereotype of Cancer the homebody is true, and that makes them excellent parents and partners. They enjoy cooking and pleasing people, and when it comes to family, they pull out all the stops.

Cancer is more concerned with the health and well being of the family than they are about what careers or how much money the family is making. And while they do love money, it's always second in line to family and family life.

What health issues and ailments plague Cancer?

Being that they are ruled by the chest, breasts and neck, you'll find most of their health-related issues have to do with this body parts. Cancer tends to get cold and flu quite easily, and they've all been threatened by pneumonia at one point or another.

Many Cancers have breast implants or face lifts due their need to improve their beauty. Obsessed with beauty, they will try all the latest fads and diets. While some are health freaks, others take the trends way too far and end up ill because they've gone overboard with medications.

How creative is the Cancer personality?

If it can be done at home, there's a good chance Cancer has done it. And if it's an act of creativity, not only have they done it — they've loved every minute of it.

Cancer is the craftsperson, the wall painter, the couch potato who knits sweaters and crochets blankets. They are often times writers and philosophers who like to spend time creating new worlds inside their heads. They are good at writing books, creating menus, and they love to gather people together for art fairs and celebrations.

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What kind of lover is the Cancer zodiac sign?

They are all in. And put that Cancer with a Capricorn and wham bam thank you ma'am — you've got yourself the hottest astrological couple around. Sex is an obsession for Cancer, which is also one of the reasons they tend to be overly concerned about their appearance; they want to look the part as well as act the part.

In sex, the visual aspect is half the fun, and they're willing to try anything as long as a quality orgasm is involved for them at the end. They are unselfish lovers, but they do not want to walk away without their share of the fun.

How does Cancer handle their finances?

Not the shiniest penny in the bunch, Cancer enjoys the idea of money more than they like the work it takes to get that money. Cancer tends to go through life assuming everyone around them wants to protect and support them. At one point or another, they will experience the grand wake up call where they find out that no one wants to pay their way, and they will go do the dirty deed of getting an actual job.

They do not attract abundance, but they do attract pity and compassion, which usually ends up giving them what they need in order to survive.

And what about Cancer spirituality?

What they lack in financial prowess, they make up for in spiritual interest. It makes sense — this crab is a seeker, and they will find their truth. They are aware that it's not the goal but the journey, and Cancer likes to make that journey both interesting and intuitive.

Cancer is the person who leaves their householder life behind to pursuit the ascetic life on the mountain; they adore group meetings of like-minded spiritual people. Ashrams and yoga retreats are filled with Cancers.

What is the Cancer personality like in day to day life?

These aren't the easiest people to live or deal with as they do tend to be spiteful and somewhat resentful. Jealousy gets the best of them often enough to mention it, and it's very hard to keep the trust of a Cancer, as well. If you so much as offend your Cancer friend, they will write you off and never allow you back into the fold.

They are unwavering in this regard, making them a bit stiff as friends. However, when it's on the surface, Cancer can be quite amiable and sweet. They are gift-givers who adore sharing beautiful days with those they love and cherish... however short-lived those days may be.

What kind of conflicts can you expect from Cancer?

The only real opposition one might find with a Cancer is the one where you realize there is no more room for you in their lives. They have no patience whatsoever with error, so tread lightly when it comes to opposing them. They do not take criticism and they do not forgive.

They tend to resent anything and anyone who doesn't agree with them, and should you try to point out their misgivings, they will end the friendship or acquaintance rapidly and without remorse. They are the enders of all relationships — you don't break up with a Cancer. They throw you out like trash, because one you're not in their inner circle; you are trash to them.

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