Karmic Effects Of The Full Moon In Gemini On December 12th, 2019, For All Zodiac Signs, Per Astrology

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How The Full Moon On December 12, 2019 Effects Your Horoscope, By Astrology Zodiac Signs
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Here is your zodiac sign's Full Moon in Gemini horoscope, and astrology forecast with numerology.

The Sun is in the sign of smart and dynamic Sagittarius and the Moon is in it's creative and chatty, Gemini who loves to socialize and change things up.

The last Full Moon of the decade takes place this week on Thursday, December, the 12th month of the year 12:12 a.m.

So how does this Full Moon in Gemini on 12/12 at 12:12 a.m affect your zodiac sign's horoscope, according to astrology?

Full Moons always take place on the ecliptic plane and communicates with all the big karmic planetary hitters: transformative Pluto, frugal Saturn, dreamy Neptune. Let's not forget chaotic Uranus is also in this astrological mix.

In both astrology and numerology, repeated numbers are karmic. This is a final punch before the upcoming eclipse season for all zodiac signs.

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The number 12 is a karmic angel number, It's time for all zodiac signs to boldly face the past and start planning for the future.

The astrological word 'horo' comes from the Greek word 'hora' and it literally means "hour". The term 'scope' means to pay attention to a particular event in time that takes place on the zodiac.

When you see 1212 angel numbers, it’s a reminder of your zodiac sign's potential for spiritual growth, which is why we study astrology in the first place.

Your horoscope helps your use the planets to plot out your choices in life. Angel numbers are a bonus to understanding your horoscope. They are spiritual guides or mentors that point all zodiac signs in the right direction.

If you see angel numbers or repeating numbers, it can also mean that you are an earth angel — someone raises the frequency of oneness and love on Earth.

Combined with astrology, the Universe communicates by repeating numbers and can bring good luck through your unique and important life's purpose.

The angel number 1212 itself signifies a big change and transformation, which is incredibly important at the end of a year (and decade!).

As we are all on the verge of a huge change – ringing in a new decade – 1212 is a reminder to refocus your lens and remind yourself of what’s most important to you.

A new decade, and a new year, in general, is a great way to shed old skin and become reborn into someone new, which is what this Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Gemini teaches us.

It’s a time for us to decide what needs to be left in 2019, what we want to take with us in 2020, and what else we look forward to that’s completely new and different.

So, ask yourself: “What do I need right NOW?” Now is the change to prepare for 2020 in a multitude of ways.

Consider the brilliant Full Moon on December 12 as a green light to get started. It’s a much better idea to start on your resolutions, refocusing, and reflections now so that you’re ready to dive right in on January 1, 2020.

Full moons are times for wrapping things up, harvesting what you’ve been working toward all year, and cashing in on your successes.

Everything becomes illuminated under the Cold Full Moon – the good and the bad – so take everything you discover during this time with deliberate intention.

This is the time to set your ego aside and reject negative thinking patterns, judgment, and blockages.

Use the Gemini Full Moon as a time to give yourself what you want but be honest with what you need, as well.

It’s a great chance to connect with others, engage in open and honest communication, and collaborate with colleagues.

That said, trickster Gemini energy can manipulate and deceive, as well. Neptune exacerbates this negative energy during the Full Moon, so be aware and stay grounded.

Use your intuitive, wait to see the big picture, and take time to think through big decisions this week. In other words, don’t count your chickens before they hatch! The Full Moon has ways of turning everything on its head at the very last minute.

So, how should you be celebrating and preparing for the last Full Moon of the year and the decade? Shed your old skin, cut ties with the past, reevaluate relationships and partnerships, and purge your spiritual and material life.

All zodiac signs already feel a sense of karmic, electric, ominous, or exciting energy in the air around you – like thunder altering a coming storm or electricity before lightning strikes… that’s the Full Moon’s full effect!

Keep reading to find out the effect the 1212 angel number has on you, based on your zodiac sign, and enjoy this iconic Full Moon!

For all Aries (March 21 - April 19) zodiac signs:

This week is a great time for communication and collaboration for you, Aries. You find yourself initiating conversations, chatting with old friends, and even making new friends in unexpected places.

Of course, it can also be very overwhelming to be inundated with conversation, debates, and bombardment of information and stimulation.

Take all interaction this week one step at a time and don’t rush through anything that feels important to you – it’s okay to excuse yourself for some peace and quiet every so often.

You find yourself agreeing to things that seem too good to be true or trusting someone who isn’t telling you the whole truth. Trust your intuition this week, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t see the big picture until after an interaction is over.

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For all Taurus (April 20 - May 20) zodiac signs:

Keep a close eye on your financial situation this week, Taurus. You are you’re faced with an important decision to make regarding investments, debts, savings, or a big purchase. Remember: stay cautious and look at all perspectives first before committing to something.

This could also be a time for you to let go of karmic relationships and lean into change for the new year.

Leaving someone behind so that you can focus more on yourself in the new year can be daunting, but it’s good to let go of people who are unsupportive of you a hundred percent.

Don't you crave excitement, adventure? Get out of your normal routine this week – see where it takes you!

For all Gemini (May 21 - June 20) zodiac signs:

The Full Moon is in your sign this week, Gemini. In other words, this your time to hit the reset button and really get back into your groove.

Often around this time, you may put yourself aside to focus more on the needs of others, but this week, make sure that you give yourself some love, too. What do YOU need? You’re in the spotlight.

You may want to rush through things this week just to get this year over with, but don’t jump the gun – you may think you know how things will turn out for you, but you shouldn’t assume anything.

If you’re feeling especially anxious this week, or old fears are beginning to crop up, take the time to connect with a friend who can help shed some light on why you might be feeling this way or can offer an ear to listen.

For all Cancer (June 21 - July 22) zodiac signs:

Normally, a Full Moon signifies a time to engage with others and lean into the extra energy you might feel. For you, this Full Moon will be more about turning inward, being more introspective, and resting, Cancer.

Consider meditation, a spiritual retreat, or even shut your phone off and tune out the outside world for a change. Don’t overextend yourself this week – instead, opt for staying inside, relaxing, and practicing solitude.

You may be dealing with some challenging partnerships, relationships, or connections. As tough as they can be on your spiritual, mental, and physical health, it is expected for this time of year.

These kinds of challenges can be a time of transformation for you and the people in your life – is this relationship something you want to hold onto? Is it time to renegotiate agreements in business partnerships? Use the time you have to yourself this week to really decide what you want for yourself in the new year.

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For all Leo (July 23 - August 22) zodiac signs:

This week is a great time for you to socialize with others and spend time with the people you love, Leo. Since the holiday season is in full swing now, this is a great excuse for you to live it up with your friends and family at holiday parties, get-togethers, and Secret Santa at work.

This is also the time to reject bad habits and to really focus on what you need daily. Consider detoxifying your body and mind, whether that’s cutting out the holiday cookies and alcohol before New Year’s Eve, signing up for a health coaching appointment in January, or even deleting people’s numbers out of your phone.

Cut toxic things out of your life, break free of stagnant energy, and refocus your lens on the important things (and people) in your life.

For all Virgo (August 23 - September 22) zodiac signs

Most of your energy is focused on your career, any side hustles you have, and even business relationships, Virgo.

You may be recognized for the hard work you’ve put into your career this week; however, it'll be an active practice to not convince yourself that you don’t deserve recognition – even in a group project, you are an important asset.

Be aware that you may also have to spend more time at the office and less time with family to wrap up this year at work. Make a conscious effort to find a work-life balance that works for you this week.

Because your career is dominating your life this week, you may also find that it’s hard to be creative, connect with others, and do the things you want to do.

While it may be challenging, this energy will definitely force you to reevaluate the people and hobbies in your life – are they lifting you up or is it time to cut ties before the new year? Lean into this challenging energy, and the Universe will reward you with adventure and passion.

For all Libra (September 23 - October 22) zodiac signs:

This week is highly important in your pursuit of passion, romance, adventure, and education, Libra. Whatever you’re working hard on this week, you may not be able to see the big picture until later.

Something that will come to fruition for you may not work out exactly as planned, but this may be for the better – know that what you’re working towards is coming to you, but keep your eyes peeled, as it may come in a different form than you’re expecting.

Additionally, you may be feeling like a hermit crab who’s become too big for its shell. Your current living situation or home life may need some readjusting before the new year, as well.

Consider what you need to be happy at home and what the best option is for your mental, spiritual, and financial health. This is the time to let go of burdensome and oppressive relationships, situations, and experiences, and look forward to a fresh start in the new year.

For all Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) zodiac signs:

It will be important for you to navigate financial situations as they relate to your relationships this week, Scorpio.

This may mean that your spouse or significant other needs your help with an important payment or has received a raise at work, or that you will need to help make an important money decision for a loved one.

Before jumping to conclusions, wait until all of the details come to you before making any big money decisions – you never know what can happen during a Full Moon.

This Full Moon is also going to be very emotionally charged for you. This week, you may find that you’re picking up on a lot of stuff, but you may not share your revelations with those around you.

Instead, this emotional Full Moon may convince you to stay guarded and closed off… at least, for now. This is a time of transformation, and the Full Moon will try to wring out as much of your old self as possible before the new year to make room for a transformed, enlightened version of yourself. Stay tuned.

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For all Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) zodiac signs:

This Full Moon will focus on relationships and resetting for you, Sagittarius.

You will find yourself coming back into balance this week as you focus most (if not all) of your energy on your relationships with your family, friends, and even business colleagues (holiday parties, anyone?).

You may also be letting go of and overcoming challenging situations dealing with money recently.

Whether this is how you get money, sticking to a strict budget, purging and dealing with debt, this is a time for pressing the reset button and preparing for a more secure financial future.

It’s not like you to be comfortable in situations that can become stagnant or restrictive after a while, so don’t wait until January to do things that make you happy – get moving now while the Gemini Full Moon energizes you.

For all Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) zodiac signs:

Recently, you’ve been spending a lot of time on introspection and may have even needed significant time away from people, Capricorn. This is natural for this time of year as the Sun begins returning to your sign.

Now that you’ve had plenty of time to relax and focus on yourself, things are going to start getting busy and even a little chaotic. There will be a lot more things that demand your attention and may overwork you in several areas of your life during this week.

Don’t let these overwhelming feelings get the best of you, especially when you might feel like you’re being pulled in a lot of different directions at once. It’s okay to take a step back, release unnecessary burdens, and take your time making decisions.

This all might sound chaotic and stressful, but this Full Moon is also bringing a lot of positive energy to your life, as well. There will be a lot of time for you to engage in pleasure, passion, fun, and new hobbies and experiences.

For all Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) zodiac signs:

You’ve been focusing a lot of your efforts on your friends, family, colleagues, and pretty much everyone recently, but now it’s time to refocus that lens on yourself and make time for what YOU need and want, Aquarius.

The things you want to do, passion projects, and new romances will be at the forefront for you this week and into the new year. This will be a great time to do something because you love it – don’t hold back!

Leading up to this Full Moon has been an intense period of introspection, letting go, and even just thinking about letting go (yes, that counts) of toxic people and situations.

Now that the Full Moon is here, it’s time to take action and really purge the things and people that aren’t bringing you joy and happiness anymore.

It may be uncomfortable, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel – you can expect positive outcomes in the new year from getting rid of negative influences this week. Spend time with your spiritual self to figure out what it is you’re looking forward to in the new year.

For all Pisces (February 19 - March 20) zodiac signs:

The Gemini Full Moon is pulling you away from your work and the outside world and forcing you to take a magnifying glass to your family and home life, Pisces.

Things may be busy for all Pisces zodiac signs, but you won’t be able to achieve the things you really want until you give your personal life some much-needed attention first.

What do you need from your family and friends? How can you give your family and friends what they need?

Use your intuition and gut as guidance this week – anything that does not feel good or healthy for you put on the back burner for now. Purge unhealthy friendships and relationships (yes, even family relationships) to make room for people who do want to see you succeed.

Only serve the relationships and friendships that are deeply loyal, rewarding, and important to you. This Full Moon may force you to cut ties and shed the past uncomfortably and urgently right before the new year.

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