Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of December 16 - 22, 2019

Weekly Astrology Love Horoscope And Tarot Reading For December 16 To 22, 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign
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The year's end can be a weird time. We look back and think of all the things that went wrong and hope that everything will be different next year. That we will finally have our lives together and see our wishes come true.

Well, with the Star card on the table before us, the Tarot and astrology want you to keep the hope alive. Because things are going to get a whole lot better in the coming weeks and months.

So, what do the weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for December 16th to 22nd, 2019 have planned for your love life?

Depending on your zodiac sign, you may see big changes in your relationships this week.

If your zodiac sign is ARIES

Tarot cards: 10 of Wands + 10 of Cups + The Hierophant

You are completing a cycle in your life, Aries. A tough cycle that brought a lot of burdens and responsibilities. A cycle closely connected with your birth family and your life's circumstances. But things are about to change now.

You are entering a new phase with someone who wants to be part of your life for the long haul. Some of you might even be getting married! So be patient with yourself. You are at the last leg of a burdensome journey and things are going to get a lot easier after this.

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If your zodiac sign is Taurus 

Tarot card: The Star

First up, Taurus, this card also came up for the general message for all the zodiac signs. So the message in the introduction is definitely meant for you, and you should head up and read it again.

Additionally, the Star is also saying that if you were wishing upon a star for a specific person, there's a big possibility your wish will come true very soon. But you must remember that in healthy relationships you must fulfill yourself just as much as you fulfill your partner.

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If your zodiac sign is GEMINI

Tarot card: 6 of Pentacles

Don't approach love with the "beggars can't be choosers" mindset, Gemini. That's a dangerous path to walk and will only lead you to unfulfilling relationships where you receive the scraps of someone's time and attention.

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If your zodiac sign is Cancer

Tarot cards: The Emperor + 4 of Pentacles

You have a choice to make, Cancer. To remain in a relationship that brings stability but keeps you small, or to walk alone until you find someone who can match you at your level. Because the truth is, you are a natural-born leader and your true path in life is to achieve big things.

And anyone who asks you to take yourself down a few notches just so you can stay with them is actually not the right person for you.

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If your zodiac sign is LEO

Tarot card: Judgment

Leo, you are running out of hope in love. And this week you will pray, pray, and pray some more to the divine to bring you your person. Your true love. The one who will make you come alive and save you from this dreary existence.

So keep praying and don't lose faith. Everything will happen when it's meant to happen, and not one second sooner.

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If your zodiac sign is Virgo

Tarot cards: 2 of Swords + Princess of Pentacles

You have been stuck in an indecisive state for the longest time now, Virgo. But this week you will finally put your foot down and choose yourself.

Because in the end, the only person who will always have your best interest at heart is your own self. And you are done with living for other people who don't return the favor.

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If your zodiac sign is Libra

Tarot card: Princess of Wands

Romance is on the cards, Libra. A lot of red, hot passionate romance. So be excited! We know you live for it.

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If your zodiac sign is Scorpio

Tarot card: 4 of Cups

Something serendipitous is going to happen to you this week, Scorpio. Something so awesome and mind-blowing that it can only be fate intervening on your behalf. So cheer up! Because good things are on the way.

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If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius

Tarot card: Prince of Swords

You know what you stand for, Sagittarius, and you know what you want to achieve in life (including your love life). And the Prince of Swords is saying that this week, you will finally realize that it's the vision you need to focus on, and not the concept of "the one."

Because whoever can help you achieve your vision is the one. And the ones who can't (or won't) are not.

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If your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Tarot cards: Reversed 7 of Wands + Reversed Fool

You have fought a lot of battles in life, Capricorn. They are battles against people who did not believe in you, who did not support you, or who deliberately wanted you to fail.

And now, you are ready to step away from all that BS and take a leap of faith towards a person or path you know is the one for you.

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If your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Tarot cards: 9 of Pentacles + 6 of Cups

Your soulmate is coming back into your life this week, Aquarius. And you will feel instantly comfortable around each other, even if you have had some issues in the past.

Also, the masculine individual between the two of you will be offering the feminine a small but honest gift of love and respect. Because although the two of you interact like friends and have a lot of childlike playfulness between you, the masculine knows that the feminine is an independent, self-made woman who has achieved a lot of great things in life, and he really respects her for it.

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If your zodiac sign is Pisces

Tarot cards: King of Swords + Ace of Swords

A standoff is on the cards, Pisces, between you and a male figure in your life who is highly intelligent and logical, but not in touch with their emotions. And the Tarot is advising you to speak your truth regardless of what they might say or do.

Because the truth is not debatable. It will not change whether someone believes in it or not.

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