How The Powerful Numerology Of The 12/12 Gateway & Gemini Full Moon Will Bring Closure To Your Life

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How The Powerful Numerology Of The 12/12 Gateway Will Bring Closure And Completion To Our Lives
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Astrology is one thing, but numerology is another. While in some areas they overlap with specific planetary events — such as in this case, as we celebrate our full moon in Gemini — numerology itself dates to the era of Greek philosophers. It honors the importance and significance of numbers within the natural world.

Number sequences and patterns are present in every area of life, from the orbit of the planets to the rings of a tree. While numerology has long held a place within the esoteric community, like astrology it’s becoming more widespread and known.

There are a few different spans of time each year that we call "gateways," and this is because of the energetic influence that opens with a specific numerological code.

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Like the Lion’s Gate Portal in August on 8/8, the 11/11 gateway in November, this 12/12 gateway has its own significant meaning and lesson for all of us. What does December 12th mean for us?

In numerology, 9 is often associated with endings that will be soon occurring, but there is a tie to the number we must acknowledge as the ending of a cycle or era. Twelve is the number of zodiac signs in astrology and the number of months in which we mark time.

This is a number that is seen in religious texts across the world and ultimately represents the beginning of the universe in all divine creation. It also coincides with the ideals of completion, perfection, cycles and divine timing.

Like astrology, we must look at the whole picture of what is occurring around this time to have a better idea of the meaning of this date and how it will affect our lives. As the year 2019 has slowed to an end, we’ve all realizeed that this isn’t just about another New Year's celebration; rather, it's the end of an era and the end of a decade.

Another aspect of numerology is that we’ve grouped years together in this way to mark our own personal history. And whether we’re prepared for it or not, we’re going to have to make that transition to 2020.

We are also experiencing a full moon in Gemini on this specific date, which magnifies these energies of transition, completion and reflection.

Full moons themselves are a time for intentions, problems and life lessons to come to a point of fruition. This means they are a point at which we’re able to see the meaning of what we’ve been going through, and then make the conscious choice to move away from it and towards a new path.

While we’ve been moving through this decade since 2010, this lunar cycle began back on June 3rd of this year with the Gemini new moon. We also saw our current eclipse cycle begin around this time, which is preparing to end and begin again on December 26th.

There is a magnification on endings this month, especially those we’ve likely been embroiled within for some time, or that it’s been difficult to find the courage to leave or learn from.

But the astrology of 12/12 is encouraging us, supporting us and reminding us that while timing is everything, to not make the most of that perfect time only makes a fool of us. We never lose an opportunity, we never can mess up fate, but we can delay it because of fear, which is what everything comes down to — whether it’s lessons, self-love, acceptance or worth.

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Not only did the Universe conspire to help support us through this energetic gateway to help assist us in the coming days as this eclipse cycle finishes out, but it also knew we would see so many synchronicities that they became impossible to ignore.

Numerology usually only follows single digit numbers, except the two master numbers of divination, 11 and 22, which share the energies of this 12/12 gateway. So while we have to honor those energies within 12 itself, we also have to look at what the breakdown is as well. Creating the 3/3 (1+2=3) meaning together with the total numerology of the date (1+2+1+2+2+0+1+9=18, reduced to 9) again, we can see why this is echoing some of the similar vibrations of 9 as being one of not just endings but of ultimate completion.

Taking in the energy that astrology has set for us this month with Jupiter in Capricorn, a great deal of activity between Venus, Uranus, Pluto, the eclipse cycle starting early on the 26th, it means that many of us are at a turning point within our lives. But before we can move forward, something does need to end.

The numerology of this gateway isn’t just of endings or creation, but the true spirit of divine timing.

This is the Universe working together through every facet to ensure we don’t miss our chance this time, that we learn what we must, let go of what we don't need, and be open enough to take a chance on this new path.

We are incredibly supported at this time, which we need to learn to trust in. This is the entire purpose of numerology: not to just show the significance of numbers or coincidences as many call them, but to show us that even when it feels like we’re all alone, even when it feels like we’ve made the wrong choice or we lack any choice at all, the Universe is always working for our highest good.

This energetic gateway of opportunity that is coming in as divine timing, wrapping up big lessons and life phases, begins on 12/12 and lasts until 12/21. Energy-wise this isn’t that long of a time and it’s occurring right before the next eclipse.

One big theme that has been clear with December’s astrology is that whatever we have been dealing with this year, whatever we’ve been going through and learning, we are not meant to take it into 2020.

We are not meant to take all of this into a new decade, so we are being given divine and perfect timing to handle our business. It's a chance to make the hard decisions, have the difficult conversations, and take that jump that is so far out of our comfort zone that we’ll never be able to return again.

And this time, that is precisely what is meant to happen.  

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