How The Liberating January 2020 Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

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How The January 2020 Love Horoscope Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign's Relationships All Month, According To Astrology
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We all countdown to the New Year and make New Year's resolutions, but to do any of it, we must be able to let the past go, even if it’s struggling to let go of us.

Our monthly love horoscope for January 2020 begins with a conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, where the planet of communication and the planet of luck join forces so our words hold weight. Our words matter, and because of that we’re going to have conversations and make decisions that likely will affect the rest of our year.

But the January 2020 love horoscope means big changes for our zodiac signs, love horoscopes, and personal lives.

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On January 3rd, Mars — the planet that rules the divine masculine, ambition and drive — moves into Sagittarius, which means we could feel our own internal compass pull us in new and further-reaching directions. Try to go with this energy rather than fight it. We may find ourselves being more impulsive than normal; however, with so much Capricorn energy present, whatever we feel called to will be something that pays off down the road.

Remembering that we’re still in the two-week "anything goes" window between eclipses is important because it changes how we think and feel, especially about matters we’ve felt have held us back or those we’re looking forward to jumping on into. This window began on December 26th with the new moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, and will close on the 10th/11th, depending upon location, with the full moon in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipses tend to represent physical external changes, while the Lunar Eclipse is internal and emotional changes. So don’t be afraid of resisting what comes up around this time. Feelings change sometimes. Mentalities shift, and what we thought we wanted sometimes we outgrow. To realize that things have changed means we’re growing and changing, and that’s always a beautiful thing.

Uranus turns direct on January 11th, setting off a series of changes and events we likely never saw coming. Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, otherwise known as the planet of shock and awe. While he has been retrograding, we saw a slow of his power; perhaps some changes occurred more on the internal side, but we saw them pale in comparison to what we normally experience with this planet. But once he turns direct, all bets are off.

Since August 7th, this planet has been slowed and moving in a retrograde motion, bringing challenges to our love lives and finances. But we often feel more hesitant to make those big changes when this planet is not direct, so for many of us, we’ve seen a series of events set themselves up like dominos that, once direct, Uranus will tip.

Even though Uranus is still in shadow, he's every bit as strong and working his way through Taurus, so expect to have themes of stability, love, romance, money and career come up. While it’s an extremely beneficial time for us, we do have to be wary of being too stubborn and not letting ourselves or life change as needed.

On January 13th, Venus enters Pisces, changing the way our zodiac signs love. It’s not about independence, but in remembering there is magic in love, with destiny and fate at play.

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Venus in Pisces, while slightly idealistic with her rose-colored glasses, can also show us what love is about because no one loves like a Pisces. This is an interesting addition to the Uranian energy that will already have us second-guessing our relationship choices. Because Venus in Pisces doesn’t want love if it’s not making her happy. Even if she doesn’t need fairytale, she still needs it to be a beautiful story with a mostly happy ending.

Mercury leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius shortly after that, and we’re able to make the most of some big ideas even if they don’t end up leading anywhere right away. While there may be some limitations in conversations about love and relationships, with Venus in dreamy Pisces and Mercury in solitary Aquarius, in some ways, especially those that value individuality, it could really lead to developing some new relationship agreements, which honor our individual paths as well as the one we chose to walk together with our partner.

On January 20th, the Sun moves into Aquarius season and we begin a brand-new Sun season in which we’re encouraged to step out of the norm we’ve lived within and allow ourselves to take a stand in our uniqueness. This is a really great addition to our January energy because while we’ve been so focused on working hard with that Capricorn energy, we’re suddenly going to feel the attention drawn back, wondering if we’re being true to ourselves.

With Uranus direct and the start of Aquarius season, expect to be more self-orientated — not in a selfish way, but in a way that enables us to put ourselves first before trying to make others happy. In this manner, we’re sure to set up a life that truly feels good rather than one that just simply looks appealing.

On January 24th, we have our new moon in Aquarius daring us to take a risk. To follow our hearts and to forget what everyone else thinks, and to just do what we know in our hearts we’re meant to do. New Moon in Aquarius is ripe for a beginning, and this time not only are we ready to let go of the past, but we’re no longer letting it be the driver of where we go from here.

This will feel like a very freeing moon in which we can finally breathe easily, knowing that how we live our life is up to us, even if we’ve been told the opposite.

We finish the month with a lot of Venus, Mars, Neptune, Sagittarius and Piscean energy, which means we'll feel its effects in our relationships and love lives.

It will show up as being determined to build or rebuild a love, very romantic moments, and the feeling that it all might feel too good to be true. But that’s just the thing — letting go of the past also means letting go of thinking we deserve anything less. So this month, it’s about realizing that we deserve it all.

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