How The Mars-Pluto Sextile Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until April 2020

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How The Mars Pluto Sextile Show Us The Truth Always Comes Out
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Just because it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just because something is new to us, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. These are the major themes we'll see when Mars sextile Pluto, with Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, on December 22nd.

A sextile in astrology is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, which produces a positive and beneficial energy for our zodiac signs to work within. With this aspect, there is also a theme of karma or seeing that what goes around comes back around.

There’s a centrical balance to sextiles and, in this case, it’s going to be dished out by Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, and Pluto, the planet of secrets.

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While there’s some debate about whether this sextile is exact at the beginning or end of December, the energy and theme is clear regardless of the specific date. On average, this is an alignment we see approximately twice a year, but this transit in December is the fourth we’ve seen during 2019.

Whenever there is an aspect that occurs more frequently that normal, it means it’s a call to action, a moment to pay attention and notice.

For many of us this has been a year of ignoring what we know. This may seem ridiculous, but it’s often our deepest truth that we take the longest to accept. Whether it’s been in the realm of life direction, career, geographic moves or romantic relationships and love horoscopes, this past year has been one of transition, even though we had hoped we were done with that.

This, of course, is another lesson for us — no matter how many times we change and transform, no matter how we upend our lives, it doesn’t mean that we’re done. It doesn’t mean we’ve shed the layers and blossomed as we were meant to.

We headed into 2019 wanting to be done with change, and needing to be able to rely on something or even someone. To want to know who was on our side and who wasn’t, and perhaps even find some peace, although what we ended up doing was retreating a bit back into our comfort zone. Not because we didn’t really crave that, or were too afraid of our dreams, but because we were just feeling exhausted.

So, we retreated into previous patterns, cycles and even relationships in order to hide out so we wouldn’t have to risk being on that brink where it was no longer possible to go back.

Mars and Pluto have been working behind the scenes all year to remind us that no matter how far we run, we can never out-run ourselves or the truth. Mars is representative of the divine masculine, an energy that is present within all of us regardless of gender. In this capacity, those with this dominating or predominate energy have been affected more, which means that while we’ve all been feeling this energy, it’s the men in our lives who may have been particularly overcome with this energy.

In many situations, we likely saw men in our lives seemingly go backwards or revert to their old ways or those ways in which they refuse either consciously or unconsciously to move forward. This likely showed up in the areas where men refused to be a part of an awakened romance or relationship, meaning they weren’t ready to really own their wounding and be transparently honest with themselves and others.

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Even if we didn’t experience that specifically with the men in our lives or even within our own choices, it doesn’t mean we’ve been exempt from this transit's effects. While Mars relates to the divine masculine, it’s also one that is responsible for our drive, motivation, ambition and even passion.

Currently in Scorpio, Mars is feeling even more intense and is likely asking us to go even deeper within ourselves to those parts we’ve previously ignored or denied.

Adding to this energy, we have Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is they lord of the underworld, the keeper (or exposer) of secrets, and all that we keep hidden below our surfaces. Pluto turned direct in October after being direct for several months, so we are still within that time period when we are seeing things come to light or being exposed, including career, legal and relationship happenings. In Capricorn, though, what occurs is for our best interest, for our stability and long-term objectives.

But Pluto isn’t always delicate about how he exposes the truth or what he asks of us to get there or bring it about in our lives. It’s often dramatic, sudden and unexpected, and with Mars' influence, there is also a sense of urgency associated with this transit, especially with that Scorpionic energy.

We must be aware of the way things suddenly may change in our lives with a moment's notice. This could come in as a sudden opportunity or proposition, a new or returning lover, or some quiet moment of self-realization as well.

It’s about a moment that marks a before and after in our lives. So, while there’s some question as to what date this transit is exactly, it’s safe to say that the energy of December is very much dealing with something (or someone) we’ve put off dealing with for a very long time. It's because we don’t want to carry it into a new year or new decade.

The next time these two meets is April, which means whatever we’re doing now will set the tone for the next four months or so.

We all have parts of ourselves that are unknown, unexplored, perhaps even denied. But through the venturing into them, we become more ourselves. More of the people we were born to be. And because of that, and only then, we are able to live the lives we are meant to.

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