What The Mercury-Venus Conjunction Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until May 2020

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How The Mercury Venus Conjunction Is Giving Us One Last Chance To Get It Right
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On October 30th, when Mercury conjunct Venus — with Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Scorpio as well — the stars in astrology align to give us a chance to get it right and say what we wished we would have.

A conjunction is when two planets meet on another within the same sign, combining their energies and harmonizing together for a best possible outcome. This conjunction involves Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love, both together in the intense water sign of Scorpio.

Whatever we’ve been feeling, whatever we’ve been thinking or even regretting is about to come bubbling up to the surface for one more chance to do what we wished we would have all along.

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We experienced this transit twice already this year in July and September, but won’t see it again until May of 2020. Whenever we see a transit occur three times in a given calendar year, it often means there has been a story of truth gradually coming out that we’ve needed to experience for deeper lessons.

The first was during eclipse season in July, suggesting that our story began between these two planets under some sort of surprise or unexpected event that surrounded love and the truth of deep emotions. In September, we saw the second one during Libra season, which likely highlighted any imbalances or the work we had to do to get to this current point in our romantic lives or relationships.

Now with this the final and third conjunction between these two planets, it means that not only are we ready to speak that truth thanks to Scorpio, but because Mercury is just about to turn retrograde, we’re also able to go back and have a redo; a conversation or interaction we wished we would have had in the first place.

Therefore, there is no ruining what is meant to be. As humans we have free will; we can always choose a lesser path, the easier path, the one that requires us to show up less or not have to try as hard. But our souls are born with a greatness, and while that may vary depending upon which lifetime we’re in, no soul is content when we’re living less than our own purpose suggests we can.

We make mistakes. We turn away from love. We hurt ourselves and those we said we never wanted to. Sometimes we cheat, we lie or just run away because we can’t deal with the reality of the mess we’ve created. Then, we inevitably have that moment where we are face to face with the decisions we’ve made and those first inklings of regret being to seep in. And we wonder: Have we ruined it all? Have we ruined our chance?

The answer to that is always no. We can’t ruin something that is meant for us, and we can’t ruin something that is part of our purpose. We can’t ruin a relationship if it’s one that is part of a soul contract.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything, and life and love will simply fall into our lives. It doesn’t mean we can act our worst and still expect to receive the best.

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But occasionally, the universe does us a favor. It aligns in such a way that we’re able to see the reality of the choices we’ve made and see a way out. We can always change anything around. There is no love that is lost, no chance that is gone. Because often, all it usually takes is for us to approach it differently and do something different so we can then get a different result.

In a perfect world, no one would make mistakes. We wouldn’t have lessons to learn and we wouldn’t earn regrets on the path to mastering them. But that’s not the purpose of life. Earth is a classroom and we are the students trying our best to learn what our souls came here to master; our job is to do better once we can see that as an option, and there’s no better time to internalize these lessons than during a Mercury retrograde.

Mercury, the planet that rules our communication, goes retrograde three or more times a year, and is said to wreak havoc because that is when exes come out of the woodwork and we’re asked to relook, reevaluate and redo many of our choices. But instead of looking at all of this as something we must just put up with or even make it through, we can see that these retrograde periods are perfect for us to adjust, which is just what the universe wants us to do.

Venus is the planet of love, and in Scorpio, along with Mercury, it means our feelings are going to be more intense; we’re going to feel more passionate and our thoughts will be deeper. This isn’t just about us calling up and ex and apologizing; this is about reaching out and having the actions along with it to make it better.

This is giving ourselves that chance to make it right, knowing not only is that what the other deserves, but we do as well.

It’s likely that because Mercury will be retrograde during this transit, we could even see this energy last through the month of November until Mercury has turned direct, and Venus transits into Sagittarius. This time is a gift, but it is what we make of it.

The only thing we must do is make the most of it. To approach it without grief, grudge or anger, and to stop being the one that is blocking the life we want and love.

Because while we have many things to make amends or adjustments on, this is also the perfect time to let the heart lead. To simply say, “I love you,” and know that unto itself can be a complete sentence and action all in one.

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