What The August 15th Full Moon In Aquarius Means For Every Single Zodiac Sign

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What Does The August 15th Full Moon In Aquarius Have In Store For Your Love Life
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It's all about being authentic.

The full moon in Aquarius occurs on August 15th. In astrology, Aquarius is eccentric, unconventional, and a trailblazer. For this full moon, be prepared for massive changes in your life that beckon you to be your true, authentic self, regardless of what anyone might say.

However, the experience will be a tad different for each zodiac sign. Ready to see what's waiting for you and your love horoscope? Let's find out how the Aquarius full moon will affect your love life from now until the next new moon on August 30th.

ARIES: 6 of Swords

Aries, you are one of the most authentic signs of the zodiac. You just don't have time for beating around the bush and manipulating people. Why should you? Being upfront has always gotten you exactly what you wanted.

Unfortunately, most people aren't like you. They aren't always honest, and they definitely aren't always straightforward about what they want out of a relationship. And this full moon in Aquarius, you are finally going to realize that.

You are going to know exactly what you want out of your romantic life and who you want to be with. And this will steer you away from loser(s) and towards the one who truly wants to commit to you.

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TAURUS: Reversed High Priestess + Reversed Queen of Swords

The full moon in Aquarius is going to click something deep within you, Taurus. It will illuminate who you want to spend the rest of your life with. And this internal realization will heal your broken heart by showing you what it means to be blessedly happy.

The reversed High Priestess says that you will bask in this inner knowing until the next new moon. So there isn't going to be any observable changes in your love life on the outside. But once the new moon cycle begins, you will find yourself taking action to make your happily ever after come true.

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GEMINI: The Hermit

Gemini, the full moon in Aquarius is going to illuminate your need for space. Because it seems like you are, at the moment, in a romantic tryst with a smothering kind of person. Someone who wants to do everything for you and be everything for you. Someone whose energy is always in your face. Someone who is extremely fiery and passionate.

Well, you will go into hermit mode until the next new moon just to reestablish your individuality separate from the relationship. And this can be exhibited in many ways — some healthy, some not. But it's up to you how you want to do that.

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CANCER: The Emperor

Cancer, you are going to find your Emperor during this full moon cycle. And he might be someone you already know, or a brand new person. (By he, we mean someone with strong masculine energy.)

Only, when he approaches you, he will seem more like a knight in shining armor with a string of romantic ideas under his sleeve. But that's just him not wanting to reveal his true intentions just yet. Which is: he knows you are the one for him and he is going to do everything to woo you the right way.

So, will you entertain his romantic overtures? Or will you send him packing? The choice is yours.

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LEO: Reversed Ace of Cups

Leo, you cannot fill a cup that has no bottom. And this full moon in Aquarius is going to show you that the person you have been trying to love is exactly that: someone whose heart has a hole at the bottom and who is incapable of feeling true love.

Yes, the truth is a bummer. But the tarot says that if you focus on yourself now, pour your love into yourself and your passion projects, you will soon attract someone who wants to fill your cup with their love.

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VIRGO: Reversed 3 of Cups

Virgo, have you been ignoring your heart because your friends (or family) suggested that a relationship with this person will never work? Well, you've got to ask yourself how they would even know. Seriously, they can't.

That's what this full moon cycle is going to bring into your love life: The realization that your inability to take a leap of faith towards this person was just you conforming to society's expectations and not doing the right thing by your heart.

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LIBRA: 2 of Cups

Libra, the wait is over. Because this full moon is going to bring you your soulmate. So if you have not been in communication with this person, that's going to change now. And if you don't have anyone specific on your mind, you will soon meet this person.

By the way, if you don't know this person, here's how you will recognize him: He will be a straight shooter, extremely intelligent, and not very good with expressing his emotions.

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SCORPIO: 2 of Pentacles + King of Pentacles

Okay, here's the tea, Scorpio. The person you have on your mind is currently trying to balance their life and personal finances. They are ambitious and dream big. But at the moment, they aren't the King of Pentacles (although they will be in the distant future). They are just someone trying to get their affairs in order.

This person will waltz into your life, guns-a-blazing, and will express their passionate feelings for you (even if they do so indirectly). And that will bring you to a crossroad in your life: Should you choose them now even though they might not be completely balanced and stable yet, or should you take a step back and give the situation some more time to evolve?

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SAGITTARIUS: The Sun + Death

Sagittarius, this full moon cycle is going to change your life in ways you cannot fathom. And to explain how, you must first understand what it means to be a phoenix.

The phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to burn to death at the end of its life and then rise from its ashes once again, stronger and more beautiful than ever before. And that's what this full moon is bringing into your life: The end of your old self and the birth of a new, more powerful version of you.

And since this is a love horoscope, this transformation is related to your love life. As in, you will finally put to death the way you have always dealt with romantic partners in the past and will approach your love life in a totally new way. New and better, and from a place of knowing your true worth.

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CAPRICORN: Ace of Swords

Capricorn, this full moon cycle will bring a lot of clarity and courage to speak the truth into your life. And when you do that — give the truth to the one who needed to hear it — you will find yourself being rewarded by fate.

On an aside, you might do a bit of traveling as well. And you will definitely establish yourself as an independent adult, both financially and otherwise.

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AQUARIUS: 7 of Swords

Aquarius, this is your full moon, so you can definitely expect it to have a more powerful effect on your life as compared to the other zodiac signs. And it will do so by showing you just how selfish you have been in the past with the one on your mind.

You felt your actions were justified. That withholding information about your personal life was your right. But all it did was create a lie of omission.

Well, those lies will be put to rest by you this cycle. Just remember: your job is to just ask for forgiveness. So don't go in expecting the other person to forgive you instantaneously. You have no right to demand such a thing when you were at fault.

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PISCES: 2 of Swords

Pisces, this full moon in Aquarius will be a confusing period for you. Why? Because someone from your past is going to make a reappearance before the end of the month. And they will finally offer you the whole truth about why they disappeared on you and why things ended the way they did.

This person will also admit that they want something more with you, even if it's just the chance to impress you once again. And this will confuse you like nothing else ever has. Well, the tarot says you will probably choose to give them a second chance, but that will be closer to the end of the month when the new moon is almost upon us.

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