How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing

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How To Do A Spiritual Cleansing

It's always good to get rid of the toxic things you have in your life. Doing a spiritual cleansing can bring you peace, clarity, and happiness.

A spiritual cleanse is a time to renew yourself. You may feel the need to do one after a breakup or a job change.

Maybe you just want to enjoy more wholeness in your life, and a spiritual cleaning can help you to accomplish your goal.

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Your energy is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, ideas, and how you might find a place in the world you belong to.

Work, school, family problems, and your angry neighbor who complains about your tree hanging in their backyard. These factors can be extremely detrimental to some of our health.

This is not to say that these things are all negative, however, when we become so consumed with trying to cater to our bosses, family/friends, and that pesky neighbor, we forget about the one person who is secretly hurting: you.

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Thankfully for those who struggle keeping up with themselves, the internet has graced us with hundreds if not thousands of sources to relieve those stressors.

There are how-to guides on how to rearrange the Feng shui in your home, music playlists to soothe your mind, and even those delicious recipes to tap into your inner baker.

When our auras are disrupted by anxiety, depression, and stress, our inner frequencies are hurting just as bad as you think.

Once any of these elements are out of place and disturbed, you start to feel less energetic and less positive.

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Think of those negative energies that creep into your life like a hurricane brewing.

We acquire these energies because of outside forces wherever we go.

Of course, the world around you isn't always made up of bad energy.

There are tons of good vibes, but you will know when you've experienced both feelings.

Remember that if this happens, it is completely normal and not your fault.

No one can completely shield off bad energy. The only things that will help during these times are self-care and spiritual cleanings.

If you're in need of a good spiritual cleanse, I've compiled a list of ways to cast away those negative energies and feelings you may be experiencing.

Here's how to do a spiritual cleansing of your home:

Burn sage

This may be one of the most common practices that a lot of people take part in.

Before you begin burning the sage, pray over it and ask God, the universe, the Divine (whoever/whatever you believe in) to bless your house.

Ask to be blessed, too. Rid yourself of any negative energies that have attached themselves to you and your home.

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Invest in a singing bowl

Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years, believe it or not.

It has been said that singing bowls are one of the most ancient artisan crafts! These bowls are a great way to restore harmony in your mind and body.

Although they may burn a hole in your pockets, singing bowls are an amazing life investment that helps and heals all around.

The technique when using one is simple; gently hit the bowl on its edge and turn the wooden stick all around the bowl (counterclockwise).

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Crystals, crystals, and more crystals!

You've probably seen your friends, family, or followers on social media use crystals before.

And you may be wondering how a crystal can genuinely help you?

Well, the best way to get these gems working is by hanging them near your windows, doorways, and before entering any rooms.

Every crystal is designed to help in different areas of your life.

But the primary use of them is to deflect and steer away from any negative energy that may try to barge into your home.

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Here's how to do a spiritual cleansing of yourself:

Take a spiritual bath

The bath you're thinking about probably isn't the one we have in mind.

This spiritual bath will help you detox any nasty feelings/emotions, and negative energies that have clung onto from the outside world.

The first thing you need to do to prepare is filling the tub with bath salts; salt has been considered a cleansing element.

Once you are relaxing in the bathtub, focus on what areas of your life you feel need to be cleansed.

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Jot down your thoughts

Writing helps a lot of people with many of the situations they go through in their day to day lives.

Keeping a journal nearby is very healthy and can help reduce any stress you may be experiencing.

For this cleanse, write down any area of your life that you feel needs to be restored.

Focus on the ones that seem to bring in negativity and those that may make you feel stagnant in your life.

Pray over your intentions

After you've written down the list of factors that you may want to cleanse or get rid of, the best thing to do is pray/meditate on the list.

Think of how these negatives energies and experiences will soon be gone and flying away with the wind.

You are the only one in control of how you feel and you are in charge of what you think is good or bad for you!

After you've done enough praying and meditating, you may burn the list.

Doing this is symbolic of a renewal that has been destined for your new, cleansed life.

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