How The January 30th Sun-Mercury Conjunct Horoscope Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Weeks

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How The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius Changes Our lives this Week
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It's time to think smart so we can act smarter.

On January 30th, the Sun and Mercury will both conjunct in Aquarius, magnifying their energies and bringing about a time when we’re able to think things clearly and start making a plan for action. But what does the Sun conjunct Mercury transit mean for your zodiac signs and love horoscope?

In astrology, a conjunction is when two planets are within the same sign but also very close, usually within about eight degrees of one another, which makes both planets stronger. In this case, while we began Aquarius season last week and Mercury transited into Aquarius a few days ago, to have both planets align so closely means we're going to be given great insight into a situation that has confused us for some time.

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While Aquarius season will last until mid-February, and Mercury in Aquarius will last until the 10th of next month, this energy is centered around this day and a day or so before and after, so it’s up to us to make the most of this opportunity.

Mercury is known as the messenger of the Gods, the planet that rules our thought process and communication. In some signs he’s bogged down feeling confused, and in others he’s jittery at all the extra mental stimulation.

Mercury enjoys Aquarius, and while it’s a little more rebellious in its ways, it stimulates Mercury’s mind so we can make the most of this time. We know that Aquarius can be seen as being detached emotionally at times and that it’s a sign that does best by themselves so they can separate logic from feelings, but it’s also the sign that lets us deviate from the norm. 

So much in recent times has pointed to many of us separating from social or familial norms and leaving behind how we expected our lives to be. Last year was one in which we were shown alternate endings or ways of being; we were given glimpses of what is possible if we free ourselves from being trapped into the way of thinking.

It was an energy that extended to our identity, our careers and our romantic relationships. However, those glimpses that we received were just that, because we were not yet ready to step from beyond the curtain and leave the comfort of our lives behind us.

We still worried about how it would happen, what people would think of us, and if it even was the right choice. While we can debate that no choice can be seen as right or wrong, there are those that promote growth over stagnation, newness over repetitive cycles, and sometimes the right choice is the one to do things differently.

While 2018 was about getting the glimpse that would be the motivation, 2019 is about doing the work to make those glimpses our permeant reality. 

Many people saw relationships end last year or even in the beginning of this year, and we thought that we’d been mistaken, that perhaps the relationship had run its course and that we were meant to move on. But in truth, we just hadn’t done the work necessary to make it part of our life.  

Mercury is a powerful planet that rules our thoughts, but conjuncting with the Sun, who rules our inner identity and how we see ourselves, is like adding fuel to an already changing fire. The Sun rules what is within and Mercury rules how we demonstrate that on the outside, so together to have these planets align in the dynamic sign of Aquarius means we have big changes on the horizon.

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The difference this transit makes is that we won’t be sitting on it for a long period of time, and while it does take place near the eclipse, it’s far enough away to suggest that there will be some important "ah-ha" moment that takes place, which will affect our lives in a big way. Perhaps we will have an internal realization that we’ve been holding ourselves back or that we need to take more chances. Maybe it will be how our confidence or self-love affected the choices that we made in our life and in our relationships. Or, it might be that maybe that relationship that ended was never supposed to actually end.

The thing with Mercury and the Sun together is that it acts like a lightning bolt in our lives, jarring us awake so we might finally see not just the truth, which is a favorite of Aquarians, but also so we can act upon it.

This year is all about doing the work ourselves. We can’t excuse the reasons why we aren’t happy or don’t have the life we want. We can’t put our unhappiness or dissatisfaction on others, and we certainly can’t wait around for someone else to step in and tell us what to do or even when to do it.

This year is all about autonomy, and because of that not only will we need greater clarity, but we will also need the confidence to act upon what revelations are made to us. 

The Sun and Mercury want us to get to the heart of what matters most. They want us to tune into ourselves and tune out the rest of the world, to give up trying to fit in, and realize once and for all that life is not about not making waves but living a life so connected to your own soul that you feel driven by its authenticity.  

This transit is about clearing the air, the confusion, the fog, and letting go of thoughts or beliefs that only hold us back. We have to think smarter, which first begins with being more honest. Only then can we act smarter and create a life in which we are being true to ourselves. A life that honors all of our dreams and the people we know we are destined to become. 

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