16 Best Movies About Cults (And Where To Watch Them)

They are as fascinating as they are disturbing.

10 best movies about cults (and where to watch them) instagram

What is a cult? Something that always comes to mind when thinking about the word "cult" is just how can people fixate on one ideology and devote their entire life to it?

According to an article in The New York Times, "A new understanding of the psychology of the cult experience is emerging from the work of researchers and clinicians who have studied current and former cult members. While stating that not all cults are necessarily psychologically damaging to their members, the researchers' findings offer insights about the proper treatment of those who have been harmed, as well as the techniques that cults use to hold the loyalty of old members and attract new ones."


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Below is a list of the best cult movies and shows that can help you not only understand some of the most insane cults in our history of time, but also understand the timeless classics. 

1. Jesus Camp

A documentary following children who attend a summer camp called "Kids on Fire." The camp's founder, Becky Fischer, shares her mission of teaching the youth about God. You can find this movie on Amazon.


2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt spent the last 15 years of her life in a cult when she decides to take it all back and venture out into New York City. While on her newfound adventure she meets a street performer, and the pair help each other navigate life and all its curveballs. The series is available on Netflix.

3. The Seventh Victim (1943)

When Mary is told that her older sister has gone missing and no longer paying her Catholic School dues, Mary goes on a hunt to find her. When Mary finds her sister under the influence of Palladists, her world is flipped upside down. You can find this movie on Vudu.


4. The End of the World Cult

A documentary following the Lord of the Righteouess Church. Michael Travesser is the leader of the cult called Strong City. Men and women cling to his every word with absolute devotion. You can watch this documentary on Netflix.

5. Holy Hell

A West Hollywood cult in the 1980s, formed by a charismatic teacher, that eventually goes under. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.


6. The Wicker Man

When a young girl goes missing, the family recieves a mysterious letter claiming the girl has dissapeared. The islanders, including the young girl's mother, begin worshipping rituals and say the young girl never existed. You can find this movie on YouTube and iTunes.

7. Fight Club

Probably one of the more widely-known cult-esque movies! When a group of men form an underground club full of rage, delusions, and fighting, things take a turn for the worse and become much more than anyone expected. You can find this movie on Amazon.


8. The Master

When Freddie Quell tries to escape his alcoholism and the demons that enhance his mind, he finds himself stuck in an endless loop. When he boards a boat and meets a man who leads a religious movement, the Cause, the two grow close and teach each other, and Freddie learning a new way of life. You can find this movie on YouTube.

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9. The Source Family

A documentary set in the 1970s following a family, when Father Yod's 13 wives become questioned by police and their way of living. You can watch this on Amazon Prime Video.


10. The Endless

Two brothers venture down a dark path from their past after receiving a cryptic note from a death cult they were in years prior. The brothers search for answers to find if their lives will always revolve around this cult, or if they have the ability to escape.

11. Holy Smoke!

Starring Kate Winslet, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat. When Winslet gets involved with a religious mastermind, her parents hire her savior who quickly learns he's in a little over his head. Find this movie on YouTube and Amazon Prime.


12. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

When the Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones gave his followers poisoned punch to drink back in 1978, filmmaker Stanley Nelson dug into the trauma and interviewed the last living survivors. The film follows the trivial events leading up to the ultimate death of so many people. You can watch this film on YouTube.

13. Wild Wild Country


A dramatic docuseries revolving around church and state, this series channels a dramatic time in history when a rancher builds a "Utopian city in the Oregon desert." Follow along as the country is nearly ripped apart and citizens are pushed to their limits. This is a Netflx documentary.

14. Children of God

A movie full of secrets, sexuality, and acceptance. This low-budget film follows three separate story lines of people all working through the same issue. Due to certain religious traditions during this time, things get a little complicated, and people are either forced to out themselves or stay in the closet to be protected. Find this film on Netflix and YouTube.


15. Deprogrammed

A slightly different take on cults. This movie dives into the after-life of cults and focuses on "deprogramming" those who come out of a cult and, while doing so, becomes a movement of its own. You can watch this movie on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

16. Prophet's Prey

Follow the story of a former Mormon Fundamentalist Church leader as the group embraces financial and spiritual hardships. You can watch this documentary on Showtime.


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