7 Bombshells We Learned About The Cruise Family From Leah Remini

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7 Bombshells We Know About The Cruise Family From Remini

Well, I'll be damned. It's crazier than we thought!

Myths have gone around about Scientology forever, and Leah Remini has been stirring up quite the controversy with the people of scientology for some time now. 

Her new, telling book release Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology and recent string of interviews have only added fuel to the fire. And although she's coming for the entire Church of Scientology, she's coming especially hard for Tom Cruise and his family.

Here's seven eye opening things we learned about the Cruise crew:

1. Tom Cruise is the world's biggest douche

Cruise allegedly flipped shit on his assistant for giving him a chipped coffee mug.

"You served me tea in a chipped mug? Do you know who gets served with a mug that's chipped? F*king DBs." There they go with the weird lingo again, a DB is a "Degraded Being" ... F.Y.I. 

Sheesh, someone is in need of a major chill pill. 

BONUS FACT: Tom is NOT a fan of pre-packed cookie dough. He also lost it when his assistant brought him that. Talk about high maintenance? 

2. Former wifeNicole Kidman, is a "suppressed person" (whatever, the f*ck, that means)

When Remini asked the children about their relationship with their mother, Bella Cruise referred to her as a "F*cking SP." 

According to Scientology, a suppressed person is an enemy of the church. So, if I'm understanding this correct, their mother is now their enemy. Wow.

3. Things got a little freaky on the dance floor

All weddings are subject to a good time and some fun (raunchy?) dancing, but at the Cruise wedding, Scientologist Norman Starkey (ahmmm, also officiated the ceremony) was found "humping Brooke shields on the dance floor."

Whoa! Shields was apparently reprimanded, just a year earlier by Tom, for taking antidepressants. 

4. Suri Cruise was a baby puddle of tears at wedding.

At the Tom and Katie Holmes weding, there's a passage in Remini's book that recalls the moment she walked into the bathroom. Baby Suri was sprawled out on the floor, with three others (Tom's assistant and sister being included) surrounding her, while she cried.

Instead of trying to soothe her, Remini remembers the baby crying and them chanting her name as if she was an adult who needed "to get her shit together."

5. They were worried Katie was going to no-show at the wedding.

There was a moment where Remini and long time friend, Jennifer Lopez, questioned whether or not Katie would show up for the wedding.

6. Scientology elicits donations by promising meetings with Cruise.

For ever $1 million you donate, you get yourself a visit with — you guessed it! — Tommy boy. Well, kind of but not really (we're not really sure how much you're got to donate to visit the Cruise house).

However, Remini does recall that she and her husband were gifted with a visit to Tom and Katie's Los Angelas home, under the pretense of Salsa lessons ... after her grand donation to the church. 

7. He doesn't like fellow church member, John Travolta.

I don't know what kind of shenanigans John gets down with, when it comes to the church, but I know this: nobody dislikes Danny Zuko and gets away with it ... but Tom Cruise.

Apparently the two don't socialize at all and it has something to do with Tom's mysterious disdain for Travolta.