How The Astrology Of July 5th, 2018 Will Jumpstart Your Love Life In A Major Way This Summer

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Waiting can sometimes be the biggest action we can take.

July is set to be one for the record books with our second super new moon and no fewer than two eclipses happening! To say that life will never be the same for our zodiac signs is an understatement.

Whether or not you find yourself waking up next to your lover by month’s end or saying "I do" in an surprise elopement, you have this astrology transit and even your horoscope to thank. Because when we see the Sun trine Jupiter and Mercury opposite Mars, there really are some moments in time where everything changes. And this month happens to be one of them.

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July seemingly starts off slower than we’ve seen in other months, but coming off the heels of the last full moon which really directed us toward the areas that we’ve grown and where we will need to, we needed time to acclimate and to strategize a plan. No one wants to stay in the same place forever, and this summer is truly about helping all of us forward and up.

July 5th will set the tone for the month with two very important transits: the Sun in Cancer trine Jupiter in Scorpio — which is all about abundance, luck, love, optimism — and Mercury in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius, a transit that is trying, frustrated, has things he needs to say but can’t, and wants to make moves but it isn’t quite the right time.

At first glance it may seem like these two transits will seemingly work against one another, or at least in such a way that we find ourselves scratching our heads wondering where all this optimism from Jupiter is and why we can’t seem to get any for ourselves. However, this is about something more — this is about a lesson we have to learn before we can actually move forward and get all that Jupiter is promising.

Think of Christmas morning as a kid when we saw all our beautifully wrapped presents under the tree just waiting to dive in, but we were told to wait. We could look, maybe even shake a couple, and if we were really lucky, open just one.

This is pretty much the theme for July, and may even carry over into August a bit. In this case, we can see our blessings, we can feel the abundance coming down the line, but we’re not being allowed to dive in — at least not yet.

Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio is really all about the goodness that we want for ourselves, especially as it relates to personal relationships and our home and family life. Knowing where we call home is as important as knowing who has our heart, and with Jupiter in Scorpio inviting us to go deep into our close personal relationship, we can be sure that there is going to be a strong desire to go where we are pulled.

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However, Mercury, the planet of communication, and Mars, the planet of action, will be in the mix saying, “Not just yet,” which will be frustrating to say the least. The biggest downfall of these transits is that we become so upset or annoyed that we can’t move forward in the ways that we want, and we just snap and quit everything. Arguments can be intense and decisions can be hasty, which is why having patience and stepping back can save your sanity and your relationship.

Eclipse season brings about powerful change, but the humanness in us want that change now, while the universe knows that things are not quite set up how they need to be just yet. Understanding that before we get to the point of no return can prevent a lot of heartache, so too can filling our lives with some additional activities such as yoga, meditation, or even just some fun travel plans.

The point is, this summer, you may know what you want, but you can’t have it right now, so the best course of action is actually to wait.

When we think of waiting, we often see it as a standstill, like waiting for a bus. We’re just sitting in one place not doing much of anything until that bus rolls around and decides to come pick us up. But this isn’t the kind of waiting this transit and this month are asking from us; instead, it’s an active waiting. It’s the kind of waiting when we make a choice to do it because we know what we’re waiting for is worth it.

It’s not how long we wait that matters, but what we do while we’re waiting. This isn’t meant to be a time out from the universe but rather a gentle reminder that we may or the situation may not be where it needs to be for us to have that abundance that Jupiter is promising.

It’s a great time to look at how we care for ourselves, how we grow, what activities us, and if we’re happy where we are on our journey. The point of waiting for any life situation is never to pause ourselves and our lives until the other person catches up; instead, it's to live as if we already have the life we want.

The Sun trine Jupiter and Mercury opposite Mars are a great reminder that no one can fill us up but ourselves, that no one is responsible for our happiness but us, and that even within the most wonderful romantic relationships where love is overflowing, it never excludes us from loving ourselves.

Waiting can be done with purpose, especially when we truly understand why we’re waiting. Because sometimes what we’re waiting for really is worth it. 

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