Why 'Call Me By Your Name' Is An LGBTQ Movie You Need To Watch

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Why Everyone Should See The Epic LGBTQ Film, "Call Me By Your Name"

Boldy addressing the hard stuff while blowing you away with incredible acting and stunning sets.

Wondering what film you need to watch next? Why not see an epic film with a powerful love story? Films with substance, that make your heart race and transport you to another world are a rare treat and that's exactly what the adaption of André Aciman’s book ‘Call Me By Your Name’ does.

I remember watching the advertisements for this film and thinking it was no big deal, another, possibly pretentious, Sundance film. However, once I actually got around to watching it (after immense persuasion from a friend of mine who told me that this was something I would develop yet ANOTHER unhealthy obsession with) I understood the hype, the Oscar buzz, and the flood of incredible reviews.

It was, to say the least, a board line life-changing experience.

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From the paradise dreamlike setting that is the magic of northern Italy to the pulsing electric current of sexual tension that accompanies the development of a truly passionate love affair, this film had it all.

Over the course of a summer on a large estate in Italy a professors son, Elio falls in love with and has a subsequent affair with his father's live-in grad student Oliver. The mood of the film is at once languorous and lazy like a hot summer day and laced with a kind of tension and anticipation that will have you begging for them to JUST KISS ALREADY before any of the real action begins.

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Not only was it beautifully filmed, superbly acted and had a truly profound storyline, it also brought to the forefront of the film world, important issues, and went to places that are considered risky for a mainstream film boldly, fearlessly and without reservation.

Not a lot of films are addressing things like fully LGBTQ romance as the main plotline, despite the fact that this is the 21st century and really everyone should be on board with this by now.

Director Luca Guadagnino laughs in the face of stigmas, stereotypes and typical LGBTQ Hollywood troupes by being one of the first mainstream directors to make multiple films about same-sex romance and not filter it, censor it or feel the need to explain himself, he makes good films, that's it. 

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‘Call Me By Your Name’ brings LGBTQ couples into the forefront of American film culture in a major way for the first time since ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and also addresses important topics such as homophobia, the trials of first love and regret.

If the overwhelming beauty of the sets, the magic of first love, incredible acting or the groundbreaking plot doesn't interest you, maybe the two main characters who are two stunningly gorgeous men might.

​​This film has changed the way that LGBTQ couples are portrayed in the media, never before have we seen such an accurate and unfiltered view of a same-sex couple in love, hopefully in the future we see other directors take Guadagnino’s lead.