How The Full Moon In Capricorn On June 28th Will Affect Your Love Life This Week In A Significant Way

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full moon in Capricorn
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It’s time to break free.

On June 28th, we will see the crucial and transformative full moon in Capricorn. This is the moon we have been waiting for since the end of January when our current eclipse cycle began. And this means good news for your zodiac sign, as your horoscope can only reveal so much to you.

In astrology, each eclipse cycle has a general theme, something for us to learn or work on during the six months that we are in transition. For many of us, the theme of breaking free is one that has permeated our lives within the past few months, and now, around the time of this full moon, we will start to see things come full circle and garner what the ultimate purpose was all along.

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This year was on track to be an important year for many of us; being an "11" year in numerology, we knew that there would be many fated events and situations involving our love lives and life purpose that would ultimately help direct our paths even further toward our destiny.

However, the year began slowly for many, or at least unexpectedly. We weren’t making the progress that we had anticipated or had gone in the general direction we saw as our path at the end of last year. We had to learn that sometimes lives and paths move in a horizontal or diagonal manner, not necessarily in one linear direction. At others, like an arrow, we need to feel pulled back, to retrace some of our steps in order to actually be able to move ahead.

The past few months were spent wondering if we would ever break free from our current situations. Perhaps we have been in a marriage or relationship that seems to have run its course. Maybe we are looking to transition careers, or perhaps it’s our way of self-limiting thinking that we needed to be freed from.

The point is, regardless of what we have been dealing with, we’ve all been feeling like we have been held back from where we really want to be and doing the things we really wanted to do. So we waited, we worked, we prayed, and we hoped that even though we couldn’t see a way out of the tunnel, perhaps one day we would find ourselves freed from the very chains that held us in place for far too long.

While we are still responsible for creating our own fates and taking part in manifesting the life we desire, it’s also the case that sometimes the cosmos help us on our journey by shining a light into the darkness so we can see something we never knew was there.

That is what this full moon in Capricorn is for, and to say it’s merely a big event is to underestimate its importance.

During the next few months we will experience three super new moons and three eclipses, with the third and final of them on August 11th. Not only is this the full moon that echoes back to the eclipse cycle that began the end of January, but it’s also the first of the full moons after the trilogy of super new moons that will affect all of us and the new beginnings that will be coming our way.

This means that we are going to be feeling the pull of this full moon even more so in the coming weeks.

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Capricorn is an earth sign; the goat that takes his time in climbing the mountain. He’s determined, he knows what he wants, and he also knows what it takes to get there. There is no rush for the goat because he knows that each step is an important one; each moment on his journey is one that affects him, so it’s about appreciating the process and knowing that as long as we’re moving forward, we’re doing the best that we can.

Capricorn is a great sign for new beginnings because he likes to work from the ground up and take his time building whatever it is: a relationship, a marriage, a family, or a career. It doesn’t matter what is being built because this moon has exactly what it takes to do it right.

Between the new moon in Gemini and the full moon in Capricorn, we likely have felt frustrated and even more trapped than we have the previous six months of this cycle, which is only adding to our feelings of having to break free with an extreme sense of urgency.

What we have to remember is that nothing we’re feeling right now has suddenly arisen; it’s not something that has come out of nowhere or that we need to justify to ourselves for why we are feeling the way we are. Instead, it’s about realizing that sometimes the greatest chains that hold us in place are the ones that rest inside of our minds.

We are always free to move on, free to leave a situation, free to leave behind people who don’t recognize our growth, and free to make ourselves happy; however, we first have to understand that all of the hindrances actually rest within our perceived ability about what we are capable of.

We think we have to wait for things to fall together; we believe that someone else is in charge of our freedom or that we would be punished somehow. In truth, all we need to do is set ourselves free and then watch how life responds accordingly.

During this time we may see relationships and even marriages fall apart, but we may also see just as many people commit to one another and a future they’re building together. It’s a time when we will feel impassioned to make moves, one way or another, in whatever direction feels like freedom.

It’s a time when we could find ourselves doing the very things we never thought we would or even thought possible, but once we give ourselves permission to break free, anything becomes possible. 

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