How Venus In Leo Will Amp Up Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks, Starting June 13th

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Venus moves into Leo
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Get ready to shout your love from the rooftops.

On June 13th when Venus moves into Leo, each zodiac sign will see incredible changes in their love horoscope. In astrology, planets cross from one zodiac sign to another, and while they do their message and expression can change according to the traits of the specific sign it is in.

Leo is the sign that rules our hearts and Venus governs all things love in the heavens, so it’s safe to say that these two will be coming together to set our hearts on fire.

The month that we’ve been waiting for since we began this eclipse cycle back in January is finally here. We knew that it was going to be six months of change, challenges and a few pretty awe-inspiring moments as well. Because of the numerology of 2018 being an "11" year, we also knew that there likely was going to be a focus on romantic relationships — specifically soulmate unions.

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We need Venus’s influence in order to be propelled further into our love lives, so depending upon which zodiac sign she transits, it directly affects how much we are willing to feel and even do for the sake of love.

Leo is a fire sign — the Lion, and king of the jungle. Leo rules the heart, love, and his kingdom with benevolence but with determination. This isn’t a cat sitting under the lillies watching time pass; this is predator on the prowl. We defend the love that is meaningful to us, we stick it out for the love that sustains us, and he will go to the ends of the earth in order to be with the one who sets our hearts on fire.

Venus in Leo is determined, outspoken, and dramatic. It has something to say and isn’t afraid to say it. It loves love, it loves big love, and it loves the stories that no one thought would make it. It’s about believing in a love that is so big, we have to grow in order to actually be a part of it and welcome it into our lives.

This is the passionate and courageous energy that will be in play for the rest of June, coming in just hours after the new moon and staying with us until the full moon in Capricorn at the end of the month when we will be seeing the culmination of everything that has been going on behind the scenes.

This energy is important and it’s going to be directly affecting how we truly feel about love and that special person in our lives.

Often times we go slow when entering into a new relationship and take our time, not just to make sure we’re getting to know one another but because we have to heal ourselves along the way. We have to show up for ourselves in order to be able to move past the wound of our past loves. But it seems it’s a balance between taking too much time and letting fear win over of starting something new.

We drag our heels and convince ourselves of all the reasons why not until it seems we have talked ourselves into waiting for some divine timing from the universe. In reality, we may have been presented with it numerous times only to let fear distract us.

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But Leo doesn’t have time for fear; Leo doesn’t have time for what could go wrong or even all the reason why right now isn’t the perfect time. The only thing that Leo does know is that when love is felt, the moment should be seized, captured and reveled in.

Leo goes all in. There’s no halfway point in a Venusian-Leo love affair; it’s truly as if we just turn the volume up on our hearts without any need to silence or stifle the feelings that we find there. While this transit is truly a positive one, the only hiccup is that Venus likes slow, quiet, calm, romantic love, and while Leo is one of the first to rush in for love, he does things on a grander scale that Venus is accustomed to. This means big declarations, big feelings, big gifts, big moves — all of it and more.

When Venus moves into Leo, we will truly be opening up our hearts in ways that we previously thought wouldn’t be possible. If there have been moments where uncertainty held you back in terms of love, you can rest easy knowing that this Venus-Leo energy is all about realizing that the uncertainty was only an illusion and will be showing the truth that has been sleeping in your heart.

During this transit, expect some profound declarations of love, and also likely unexpected as well. This means sudden "I love you’s" that come from nowhere, or even letting the world in on your romance. It means there will be a large number of proposals, regardless of how formal they are, and we’re likely to see more engagements occurring without a ring or extensive planning.

This isn’t a downside, just the fact that this energy inspires us to not sit on love, no matter what we may have thought yesterday. So if we are with someone and we decide we want it to be forever, we will just seize the moment and confess our feelings.

This passionate Leo energy can also lead to disagreements if we feel our needs are not being met or are feeling ignored, as the one thing that ignites a Leo’s rage is not being seen for the king (or queen) that they are. While these arguments are frivolous, it’s still important to remain aware of our changing feelings.

This transit truly has the power to help propel us forward in love. All we have to do now is simply speak up. 

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