Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of May 21-27, 2018

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This week, let love inspire you.

Nothing in the world inspires us as much as falling in love with someone. It inspires us when we see their face split into a smile as radiant as the sun; when we brave our pounding heart and hold their hand for the first time; when we gaze into their eyes and feel a bell ring in our soul.

But it also inspires us when we hate them so much we cannot breathe; when we scream at each other and then bang the door shut; when we feel cold even when we have a warm body lying next to us. No wonder singers and storytellers cannot stop talking about love.

It inspires us when it's good and inspires us even more when it's bad. That's what we will discuss in your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for May 21 to 27, 2018: how love will inspire you this week, all based on your zodiac sign.

Ready to find out more? Let's dive in.

ARIES: King of Swords

Aries, you hate people who are voices of reason when you are trying to have fun. You call them party poopers and a host of other names. But no one can deny that these people are often the ones that end up saving you from foolish mistakes.

This week, you will meet a person of exactly that kind. A man who will look into your eyes and ask you the tough questions you had failed to ask yourself in your impulsiveness. And his scrutiny will make you really uncomfortable.

Don't resist the questions when that happens. Love is not always supposed to be fun and games. Sometimes you also need to pull on your big girl pants and make decisions like a mature adult.

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TAURUS: 5 of Wands

Conflict. That's in the cards for you this week, Taurus. But before you grumble and shut down this tab saying these horoscopes don't come true anyway, pause for a moment and let that other thought come to the forefront of your brain that you tried to suppress as soon as you read "conflict".

Because the truth is, closing your eyes and pretending everything is fine does not make the monster go away. It only leads to bigger problems down the line.

So do yourself and your partner a favor and speak up. This small conflict will air out the space between the two of you and help you adjust better to each other. It's better than letting the metaphorical straw break the camel's break one fine day.

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GEMINI: 2 of Pentacles

Dining out practically every day in the initial days of your romance (or something else equally expensive) might feel right in the beginning, but it will soon put a big dent in your finances, Gemini. So be a little more mindful of the money you spend when you are with your partner.

Believe me, you don't wanna wake up one day and realize you have just $2 left in your bank with the next month's rent staring you in the face.

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CANCER: Reversed High Priestess

Cancer, you have been blocking your gut feelings about this person. Maybe it's because you are afraid and don't want to see the truth staring you in the face, or maybe you are so blinded by the romance that you are intentionally focusing on just the good stuff and ignoring the red flags.

Please don't do that! Your intuition is your primary protector. Let it speak and you will fare better in your love life.

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LEO: Reversed Magician

You have everything you need to make this relationship successful, Leo. You are charming, high value, and know they are into you as much as you are into them. But there's a problem: You.

You and your insecurities are blocking the love you have always wanted, and that won't end well for you. So stop waiting for the sky to fall and just believe in yourself. Trust me, you have everything you need to make magic happen!

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VIRGO: Reversed 5 of Pentacles

Virgo, you feel poor in your heart. Not poor as in financially poor (only a rare Virgo lets the books get out of balance), but poor in the sense that you feel unloved in your relationship.

Is it because you have been giving your partner everything you have got and are not receiving the same care in return? Or is it because you are too scared to acknowledge the fact that your partner does not love you anymore?

Focus on this pain point this week. You will only be able to understand where your relationship is at once you let yourself analyze it with that sharp Virgo mind of yours.

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LIBRA: Reversed Ace of Cups

Libra, you have been contemplating pulling the plug on this relationship for a while, but have stopped yourself because you don't want to be the villain. Believe me, staying in a relationship that is going nowhere and allowing yourself and your partner to go through subtle degradations daily because of how intolerable your relationship has become is a more villainous act than leaving outright.

So snip the cord quickly. It will not be easy afterward, but in time they will thank you for having done it instead of manipulating them into doing it first.

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SCORPIO: Reversed Ace of Pentacles

Well, Scorpio, you know it's going somewhere, and you are damn right! How can it not when the chemistry between the two of you has been blowing your mind ever since you met? So if you know they are the one, why waste precious time? Tell them how you feel and put a seal on it.

And though both of you will need to nurture the relationship to keep it thriving, right now you need to first plant its seed.

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed Judgment

Sagittarius, it's time to say what you need to say. And I know you are scared of doing that, of admitting how much you feel for them, but all things good come to those who are brave.

Because even if they say they do not feel for you the same way, you would still end up feeling proud for having had the courage to do it. But I don't think that's going to happen. More likely, your proclamation will awaken something in them and will show you just how deeply they love you too.

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CAPRICORN: 6 of Wands

Capricorn, if you have been fighting with your partner for a while now, rest assured victory will be yours this week. Perhaps it will be because you have the facts on your side and can never be provoked into hysterics, or maybe it will be because they will acquiesce and let you win.

Whatever the reason turns out to be, just keep your head level and your feet grounded after the win. Because often times, we forget that in the bid to win the battle we might end up losing the war (read: the relationship).

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AQUARIUS: Princess of Wands

Love inspires us all. But this week it will inspire you more than it has ever inspired you in your life, Aquarius. You might even be surprised by the creative ideas and breakthroughs that come to you just because your spirits are so high. Enjoy this period and don't overthink (as you often do). Life is not always harsh.

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PISCES: Reversed King of Wands

Pisces, you often let people walk all over you. It's mainly because you are so empathetic and kind. But you need to beware of this tendency this week, otherwise you will find yourself being controlled by an overbearing and possessive partner.

And though your Neptunian side might tell you to let it happen and go with the flow in this romance, in the long run, this will spell doom for you and your self-esteem. So beware!

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.