The Best Astrology Jewelry For Every Zodiac Sign

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best zodiac sign jewelry gift ideas

Surprise the astrology-lover in your life.

If you understand even the basics about astrology, then you know that each of the 12 horoscopes have their own defining characteristics. From Aries' ambition to Leo's practicality, each zodiac sign is completely unique.

That's why, if you're buying zodiac sign jewelry — either for yourself or as a gift for an astrology-lover — finding the ideal type and style can be so tricky. So whether you're looking for the best happy birthday gift for your Taurus girlfriend, a "just because" present for your astrology-obsessed best friend, or a symbol of your zodiac to wear around your neck daily, we've got you covered.

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These jewelry ideas are as unique as the star signs themselves, and it's important to capture the essence of each in their individual charms, rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. The elements that control each astrological sign are all strong and represented in every single amazing gift choice! Got a fiery Leo, or perhaps an indecisive Gemini? No problem!

It can be difficult to choose meaningful gifts for the people you love, so there's no harm in asking the stars for some help and guidance in how to pick the right one. From delicate, simple jewelry to bold, daring statements about which sign they are, there's a little something for everyone, no matter what your style is. 

Your horoscope this week is going to be nothing but positive when you gift these gems to the awesome astrology lover in your life. 

Here are the best zodiac jewelry gift ideas for every horoscope:

1. Aries Birthstone Bracelet 

Swarovski Crystals Horoscope Zodiac Birthstone Bracelet, Amazon.com

Fearless Aries girls are all about the bling! This charm bracelet — featuring the Aries constellation and zodiac symbol — is the perfect way for an Aries to make a fashion statement. Buy it here.

2. Taurus Sterling Necklace Pendant

Sterling Silver White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Necklace Pendant, Amazon.com 

Taurus women appreciate craftsmanship, which is why the Taurus in your life will love this elegant sterling silver pendant that's perfect for everyday wear. You can find it here.

3. Gemini Pearl Ring

Gemini Ring 5-6mm River Pearl Ring, Amazon.com

This ring has the duality of Gemini. Classy on the top with a bit more going on underneath — just like a Gemini girl. Get it here.

4. Crab Earrings With Crystals

Sterling Silver Crab Wire Earrings Aqua Crystal Stones, Amazon.com

Surprise a Cancer with this cute pair of sterling silver earrings, so she can carry the good vibes of her water sign with her wherever she goes.  Buy these earrings here.

5. Rose Gold Leo Pendant

Glamorousky Plated Rose Gold Leo Pendant, Amazon.com

As a Leo, she's as strong as a lioness but as gentle as a kitty. This Leo necklace combines both of her personalities into one, making it as cute as it is fierce. Buy the Leo necklace here.

6. Virgo Sterling Silver Bracelet

Elensan 12 Constellation 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet, Amazon.com 

Impress the Virgo you know by getting her this sterling silver bracelet that oozes with style. She won't ever want to take it off! Get the Virgo bracelet here.

7. Classic Libra Ring

Yellow Gold 10k Libra Rope Ring, Amazon.com 

Your Libra lady will be the talk of the town once you give her this gorgeous 10k gold ring. It's understated enough to look great for daily wear. Buy the ring here.

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8. Glitzy Scorpio Pendant 

Scorpio Symbol of the Zodiac Gold Plated Pendant, Amazon.com 

A Scorpio's sass is unparalleled, which is why a zodiac sign jewelry gift for a Scorpio should have as much fire as she does — like this eye-catching necklace. Get this head-turning jewelry here. 

9. Sagittarius Gold Studs

10K Solid Gold Sagittarius Zodiac Single Stud Earring, Amazon.com

Sagittarius women are full of energy and wit. These striking studs — crafted in 10 karat solid rose gold — play up these characteristics perfectly. Buy the studs here.

10. Capricorn Charm Bracelet

Star Signs Capricorn Pendant Bracelet, Amazon.com

Capricorns aren't easily impressed by glitter and glitz. Instead, they prefer things that are durable and practical, which is why this stainless steel bracelet is a great gift for her. Buy this great present here.

11. Aquarius Silver Necklace

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Zodiac Aquarius, Amazon.com

When an Aquarius is around, fun times are ahead — which is why this playful sterling silver necklace decked out with Swarovski zirconia will appeal to her free spirit. You can buy it here.

12. Pisces Rose Gold Ring

White Cubic Zirconia Constellation Zodiac Sign Astrology, Amazon.com

Pisces ladies are true sweethearts, which is why their jewelry should be both trendy and tasteful. It's made in 14k rose gold over sterling silver and has a white cubic zirconia. Get it here.

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