5 Reasons Pisces Is The Most Impossible Zodiac Sign To Understand

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5 Reasons Pisces Is The Most Impossible Zodiac Sign To Understand getty

Pisces are easily one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs around, both from the other signs and themselves.

While they can be compassionate, gentle, wise and really creative, they also tend to be fearful, overly trusting, and have a huge desire to escape from reality. This is often why people aren't sure how to approach a Pisces sign, especially in romantic situations.

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The Pisces zodiac sign is also the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs in astrology, but that doesn't mean the other signs feel the same way. Their know-it-all attitude and loathing of criticism of any kind can seriously piss off the signs, particularly Leo or Virgo.

Yes, it can be impossible to understand a Pisces personality, but here are five reasons that may explain why.

1. Pisces always have their heads in the cloud.

It's like they're already planning for their next incarnation or something. Pisces always has their head in the clouds. They are dreamy, but that dreaminess comes of as aloofness and evasiveness as well.


Understand that it's tough for Pisces to be decisive and take a stand on anything.

2. They aren't any good at adult stuff.

Pisces doesn't have it in them to be on time to work and on top of their bills. They're empathic, meaning they take on the feelings of those around them, so often, petty civilized responsibilities go ignored.

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3. They are prone to addiction.

Many Pisces, given that they're empaths, turn to drugs and alcohol abuse to escape the pains of life. For them, life is one big abusive relationship.

What you want to do is make sure they have as good a life as possible. Try not to be too hard on them.


4. Pisces are tender.

Pisces tends to be the most tender-hearted of all the signs. They love people and things not completely understood.

Be open-minded and open-hearted with them. They'll fall into a relationship of love and trust with you.

5. This zodiac sign values kindness.

Of course it's important to be kind to your partner, but be kind to others as well.

Pisces is always watching the way you interact with others. They'll be impressed if you tip well and volunteer.


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