3 Strange Myths & Facts About The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (Even If You Don't Believe In Astrology)

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3 Strange Myths & Facts About The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (Even If You Don't Believe In Astrology)
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There are some things that are so coincidentally about personalities and zodiac signs, that even people who don't believe in astrology and think horoscopes are fake find them pretty convincing. Another one of the fire horoscope signs finds us in the way of the Sagittarius. Sizzle, baby, sizzle!

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Depending on your astrological zodiac sign, there are going to be some facts (and some myths) regarding your personality. Well, it’s time to confirm and deny some of the common facts and myths about the Sagittarius zodiac sign once and for all!

The things people say about the Sagittarius will vary from person to person (especially since like most things in life, it’s all about your perspective). Some will say that the Sags are “flakey” and others will fondly say that they are merely “full of wanderlust”.

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Some will say that the Sagittarius is “SO impolite” while others will value their honesty and their “say anything” nature. Again, it’s all about perspective.

Astrology has become increasingly popular with millennials, so it's natural to want to learn more about your zodiac sign and what others are saying about it.

So, without further ado, check out the top 3 strange myths and facts about the Sagittarius zodiac sign that make even the non-believers wonder if astrology is real or fake!

Fact 1: Sagittarius’s have great social skills.

The Sagittarius has an above average sense of humor and tends to be quite extroverted. Both of these things make them the most likely to be the “life of the party”.

The Sagittarius has mastered party socializing by being witty, funny, and moving around a lot so everyone gets a chance to take it all of their charisma (charisma that is always on point).

Their intense curiosity and philosophical outlook on life make them incredibly interesting to talk to and their optimistic and generous nature make everyone unable to dislike them.

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Fact 2: Sagittarius’s are restless.

The Sags don’t like to be constrained. Quite the opposite actually, they tend to value things like travel, being outside (preferably, in a different location than they’ve been before), and moving onto the next big experience in their life.

The Sagittarius’s curious and energetic nature tend to mean that if a Sagittarius is in one place for too long they are bound to become restless rather quickly. High energy means that staying still for too long is borderline tortuous for the Sag. Their curious nature tends to make them always want to seek new information and new experiences.

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Fact 3: Sagittarius’s value their freedom.

Sagittarius’s don’t like to be held down. This tends to make anything that is too constraining really hard for them. They are more likely to rent instead of buy, move in with a partner instead of getting married, save money for travel instead of for the future, etc.

Issues with commitment are common with a Sagittarius as anything that takes commitment will make them feel as if it has the potential to limit their freedom (well, they have a point).

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Myth 1: Sagittarius can’t commit and will cheat on you.

The Sagittarius strives for freedom and has a tendency to be overzealous about life. These things tend to mean that the Sagittarius is likely to fall in love fast, however, they don’t commit fast so this myth can all be a problem in communicating. They are also unlikely to want to stay in one place for too long.

However, this does not mean that they are doomed to cheat on their significant others and/or be unable to commit if they are the type of Sagittarius that values monogamy. If a Sagittarius is invested in the relationship and the two are willing to allow the Sagittarius enough room within the relationship to not feel like their freedom is being infringed upon too much, then the Sagittarius is just as likely to commit and not cheat as the next guy.

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Myth 2: Sagittarius’s Are Rude

Sagittarius’s tend to be a bit on the blunt side, but this doesn’t mean they’re rude. On the contrary, Sagittarius’s tend to be very generous and honest (both of which are NOT rude at all).  

Generally, people often misconstrue the Sagittarius’s tendency to promise more than they can deliver and their tendency to dismiss clingy people to be rude (or at least outside of social norms).

But, since when is standing up for what you want and trying to give your all “rude”?

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Myth 3: Sagittarius’s aren’t reliable.

The Sagittarius’s tendency to promise more than they can deliver and their nature of always changing things can make them come across as unreliable. However, the Sag is very generous and can be just as devoted to a relationship as anyone else.

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