Venus Moves Into Gemini! How This Change In Astrology Will Affect Your Love Life

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Venus moves into Gemini
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Sometimes it’s enough to just simply enjoy being happy.

On April 24th, we will experience a sudden change of energy when Venus moves into Gemini. Venus is the planet of love and beauty who governs not only how we feel about ourselves but also what our hearts crave. And when we go through this transit, our horoscopes and love lives will be thrown for a loop.

This planet is always focused on the love, but sometimes, depending upon the zodiac signs, we move through introspective or more independent phases of our relationships, such as when she transits Aquarius or Aries.

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At the end of March, Venus moved into Taurus, challenging all of us to draw back towards our softer and more loving sides. We were motivated to move closer within relationships and to seek out more domesticity in our lives.

But this doesn’t mean that we were by any means settling or even slowing down, it just means that after all the lessons of the eclipse season and the independent energy of Aries, we were ready to come home to love.

Venus transits are sometimes important for switching things up or challenging us to look at things differently. And while love is always the focus, it’s not always easy to find those feelings within everything else that we often have to go through to get there. However, this particular aspect is less about stirring up trouble and more about asking us to slow down to enjoy what we’re in the process of building.

When Venus moves into Gemini, it's about happiness, mental stimulation and good times. Sometimes we assume that because of the twins we will feel torn or find ourselves straying from the one we love; however, this is just an illusion about this zodiac sign.

Gemini really represents options and variety, and in Venus it’s all about the lighter aspects of life and love. This means that we’re going to see more opportunities to spend with the one that we love, to meet new people if single, or to define a commitment of sorts within an existing relationship.

Gemini is an air sign that thrives on communication and mental stimulation; if we find ourselves at odds with our partner, it's likely because one or both of us aren’t feeling stimulated through text or conversation. This transit can add to spiciness in the bedroom but is less about our attractiveness or physical appearance and more about how we can turn one another on through our conversations or mentally stimulating activities.

It seems that many of us are always waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of love and relationships. Whether we’re single or taken, we live anticipating the next mountain to climb or the next struggle to overcome. And even when everything is good, it’s almost as if we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy it because we feel that it’s only fleeting.

Yet this idea that love and life constantly have to be difficult is a story that we buy into even though it’s not. Love is not always fighting, it’s not always being disappointed or having to beg for what we want or need. It’s not even the feeling of constantly compromising or of feeling like we have no choice in what we are experiencing.

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Yet, we will often manifest problems to keep ourselves focused on the negative and create emotional distance within our relationships. Because if we don’t let ourselves get attached, then we also won’t ever get hurt, right?

One of the biggest problems many of us are currently focusing on is the aspect of loving with half of a heart. Perhaps we’ve been hurt or burned so many times that we find ourselves unable to open up and trust another, so we focus on finding problems where none exist so we won’t have taken a chance and fully love another. Or perhaps we’re in a relationship with someone who is struggling with trust and vulnerability and constantly seems to keep us at arm’s reach so that we don’t get close enough to actually develop strong emotional ties.

However, both of these aspects do not only love halfheartedly. It also loves with a worst case scenario in mind. Regardless of how many failed relationships we’ve had, or how many times we’ve had our hearts broken, if we are going to love we need to do so like we’ve never been hurt at all.

We can’t love someone and protect ourselves at the same time, because we will always be holding a part of ourselves back. This what Gemini is here to remind us of.

There is a lighter side of love that many of us often forget about. It’s the feeling of whispering on the phone late into the evening, and laughter ringing like bells against the softness of our hearts. It’s the exhilaration of running into the arms of the one you love and a million moments that make you feel like you’re experiencing everything for the very first time.

It’s forgetting about all the reasons why something won’t work and concentrating on the one reason that would, which is that love is felt. It’s risky to love as if we’ve never had our hearts broken, but more so than that, there also isn’t any other way to truly open our hearts and try again unless we’re going to do it all the way.

Venus in Gemini wants us to slow down, skip work and run away for a weekend. It wants to remind us why we love to begin with and to teach us that life isn’t always about preparing for the next battle or obstacle to overcome.

Sometimes in love, it’s simply about believing that this time truly is different, and that just because our relationships have never worked out before doesn’t mean that it’s not going to do so this time. It’s about choosing to love for the sake of love and taking time to just simply enjoy being happy

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