How Mercury Turning Direct Will Significantly Affect Your Love Life This Week

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Mercury turns direct
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There is no time like now to go after what you want.

On April 15th, Mercury turns direct in the zodiac sign of Aries. Often times, we are quick to discuss the negative or challenging aspects of a Mercury retrograde phase, but we neglect to shed light on what actually happens to our horoscope and life once this fateful planet turns direct and stops his trickery.

During this particular phase, Mercury conjunct Venus casted a special love light onto where our focus should be over the next few weeks. And during this time when Mercury slowed, we were asked to reflect on our relationships, both past and present, in order to truly absorb any astrology lessons that we may have missed.

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Often times, retrogrades are famous for bringing people back into our lives that we thought we had let go, but this current phase was different. We were very clear about who belonged in our past and who belonged in our present and future, so it wasn’t about settling things with an ex or even having another shot at the one that got away; rather, it was about how we behaved and approached our past relationships.

Very often we have to reach the place where we are not only aware of all the times we’ve messed up, but also why. Because if we don’t, the likelihood of us repeating similar patterns will be very high.

It seems that so many of us date the same person over and over again because we’re not learning or even absorbing what we need from these relationships. This is where our current Mercury retrograde comes into play because it slowed our progress way down, almost bringing us to a complete stop.

While this pause can be frustrating because of the seeming lack of forward movement, the reality is that we simply weren’t ready to move forward in the love department. During the past few weeks, we’ve spent more time by ourselves thinking things over, contemplating what we really want, how we want to envision living our lives, and most importantly, what type of romantic relationship truly fulfills our needs.

As Mercury turns direct, we will feel ourselves almost being lifted up from a haze and see what surrounds us more clearly. With this newfound knowledge, we will now feel inspired to actively start moving in the direction of our hearts.

For many of us, we’ve seen shake-ups in the love department. We’ve stopped seeing love as something predictable or something that is part of a plan. More and more of us are craving this idea of a crazy love, a once in a lifetime kind of love, a relationship that forever will mark a before and after in our lives.

What we haven’t all been aware of is what this type of relationship actually is. Unknowingly, many of us have been traveling toward this idea of a conscious relationship; some of us are just further along than others. This idea of conscious love means that we are actively engaged in doing self-work, which destroys the idea that a relationship is just something we enter into because we want someone to share Chinese food with on a rainy Tuesday night.

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Instead, we see more and more relationships as the vehicle for self-growth, which means that we literally are seeking relationships that help us become a better version of ourselves, which then translates to us living our best possible lives. But the thing with this retrograde is that we’ve spent it wanting to move forward but not quite being able to — almost as if the pieces of our puzzle weren’t quite aligned yet so we weren’t able to see the full picture.

As Mercury nears his point where he turns direct, we will start to see the larger meaning of everything and how things that don't fit actually work together. This means that we will want to start actively moving in the direction of our hearts, which can happen quickly and perhaps unexpectedly.

But magnifying that feeling of wanting to move forward, we have the new moon in Aries, which is actually the start of the astrological New Year. What this really means is that this moon will just be adding fuel to our fires and inspiring us to seize any drastic changes that have been simmering below the surface for some time.

During the following 2 to 3 weeks after Mercury turns direct and the new moon in Aries, we will see a lot of movement in the love department. If just newly dating, we will be motivated to get more serious through introductions to family or friends, or have a conversation about exclusivity. We also will see another influx of engagements or commitments around this time, as well as people beginning to have the love that they want. It also will mean more couples deciding to move in together or just moving toward committed relationships.

Sometimes, we spend so much time second-guessing ourselves that we end up talking ourselves out of what it is we truly want, but this time is different because we’ve learned that we’re worth our dreams; we’re worthy of being loved in all the ways we never have, but always longed to be. It’s the difference between not only knowing what we want, and also knowing that we deserve it as well.

That is the biggest lesson that we are taking away from this Mercury retrograde: to not only believe and work for the relationships that we say we want, but also to know that we are worthy of them.

We can spend forever feeling uncertain, but all it takes a moment for all that to change, for things to fall in place and to realize that there is no time like now to go after what we want. 

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