18 The Prettiest Flower Bouquets For Your Wife That You Can Buy Online (Perfect For Special Occasions!)

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Prettiest Flower Bouquets For her To Order Online For Special Occasions

Guaranteed to make her day!

No matter what the special occasion, a thoughtful gift will make your wife feel extra special and be a great way to set the tone for the rest of your evening together.

If you don’t have the money to splurge on expensive jewelry or a romantic getaway, a pretty bouquet of flowers is the perfect solution! It’s a fail-proof, romantic way to show your wife that you care and that she is truly appreciated.

Don’t know what type of flowers to get your wife? Well, don’t fret! We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful flower bouquets that you can order online and get shipped straight to your front door.

These 18 prettiest flower bouquets for your wife will make any special occasion just that much better:

1. White Elegance with Vase

Benchmark Bouquets White Elegance, Amazon.com

If your wife is a lady of style and class, then this bouquet is for her. They will make her feel gentle, loved, and cared for all in one.

2. Pink Roses, White Hydrangeas with Pink and Red Carnations

Let The Eat Cake Bouquet, Amazon.com

This bouquet screams love and embrace. Pink roses after all, symbolize gratitude, admiration,  and appreciation.

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3. A Dozen Roses

12 Red Roses with Glass Ginger Vase, Amazon.com

There is no better way to show your lady you love her than with a vase of a dozen roses. Their beauty alone will bring the biggest smile to her face as she feels nothing but your love.

4. Fresh Long Stemmed Orange Roses

25 Fresh Orange Roses from Columbia, Amazon.com

Orange roses will bring joy and positivity to your sweetie. She’ll be smiling from cheek to cheek as she receive these from you.

5. White Oriental Lilies, Orange Roses, with a Vase

Orange Roses and White Orientals Lilies, Amazon.com

Nothing makes a woman feel more special than receiving an ensemble of flowers from the most important man in her life. Add a personalized note with a sweet message and you’ll be irresistible to her.

6. Long Stemmed Red and Pink Roses

Cupid's Roses Romantic Bouquet, Amazon.com

Red and pink are the traditional colors for love and passion. There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with this assortment of flowers.

7. Hot Pink Roses with Yellow and White Daisies

Life is Good Flowers, Amazon.com

Roses are always a symbol of love and passion so blending it with some lilies adds sweetness to the bouquet. The lilies will tell your wife how much you love her sweet and cheerful side and the roses show how desirable she is to you.

8.  A Vase of a Dozen Yellow Roses

One Dozen Festive Roses, Amazon.com

These roses will show your wife how much she makes you happy and that even though you have her as a lover, she is also your best friend. Every time she looks at them she’ll reminisce of how you cherish her for who she truly is.

9.  Fifteen White Hydrangeas

15 Fresh White Hydrangeas from Columbia, Amazon.com

If there’s one way to spoil your wife, it’s with hydrangeas. Hydrangeas symbolize pure and raw emotions. With these 15 flowers, you can also give her 15 reasons why you love her.

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10. A Dozen Wild Rainbow Roses

One Dozen Wild Rainbow Roses, Amazon.com

Had a big fight with your wife and want to smooth things over? Well you can’t go wrong with rainbow roses. After all, a rainbow only comes after a storm.

11. Lavender Roses with White Oriental Lilies

Lavender Roses with White Oriental Lilies, Amazon.com

Lilies represent true and honest love, so paring them with lavender roses only helps convey that emotion to your wife. This gorgeous ensemble comes with a complementary vase.

12. Precious Pink 

25 Fresh Pink Roses from Columbia, Amazon.com

You can’t go wrong with this if your wife is always pretty in pink. These pink roses will have her feeling sweet and warm inside.

13. Red Matsumoto Asters, Pink Mini Carnations, and Hot Pink Roses

Precious Heart Bouquet, Amazon.com

This stunning arrangement is a beautiful feminine bouquet that screams love. Let the vibrant reds and pink show her that she’s the love of your life.

14. Twenty Purple Dendrobium Orchids

20 Purple Denrobium Orchids, Amazon.com

These flowers are elegant and their natural beauty will complement your wife’s beauty. They're the perfect flower bouquet for any occasion.

15. Red Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet

Red Rose & Calla Lily Bouquet, Amazon.com

Your wife will feel so beautiful after receiving this melody of flowers from you. It’ll will compliment her natural beauty.

16. Orange Lilies 

Fresh Orange Lilies and Lush Greens, Amazon.com

Not sure how to bring the spice back into your marriage? Start with a bouquet of orange lilies. They are known symbolize passion, so use these as a step to rekindle your relationship with your wife.

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17. Elegant Yellow Roses 

Two Dozen Classic Aromatic Beautiful Blooming Yellow Roses, Amazon.com

Bring a twinkle to your wife’s eyes by surprising her with yellow roses. This is great for the woman who’s not into the cliche colored roses like red or pink.  

18. Two Dozen Long Stemmed Roses

Two Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses, Amazon.com

This is the ultimate “I Love You” gift for any and every occasion. As she stares at this bouquet, the dozens of reasons she married you will definitely come to mind.

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