How The Long-Awaited Blue Moon In Libra Will Affect Your Love Life This Month, Starting March 31st

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Home is never a place, but a person.

On March 31st, not only will we experience a full moon in Libra, but a full blue moon. A blue moon is what we call the second full moon that we experience in any given month. Since we began the month with a full moon in Virgo, this lunation is a full blue moon because it will occur on the 31st of this month.

Full moons are a time for completion normally, the time when the light of truth is shed upon our hearts, and with it anything that we previously have been hiding from or ignoring. This event is a little different though because it’s the first full moon of the new astrological year, so it's going to be a time of initiating those new beginnings.

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What does that mean for your zodiac sign and love horoscope? Whether or not you follow astrology, it has a strange way of revealing what it is we need in our lives.

During the time of this full moon in Libra, we also are experiencing a Mercury retrograde which will cause us to go back over issues from the past and review them a final time before moving forward. So while we will be asked to plant the seeds for what we hope to grow during the current season, we also still need to clean up some matters of the past.

For many of us, this has been the moon we have waiting for since the start of the year.

We got through the moons of January, the eclipse season of February, and now here we are in March where we’ve been struggling to feel like we have our feet on the ground enough to put one foot in front of the other and move ahead in the direction that is looming on the horizon.

In our relationships, we’ve spent the past three weeks in a sort of in-between phase where we’ve ended what needed to end, but haven’t quite yet felt like we were in that place for the beginning we had hoped for. It’s been a time of introspection where we have been challenged to take an internal walk to our inner selves and the secrets that lay there.

In love, we can only love another as deeply as we love ourselves. We can only know another as deeply as we have made the commitment to know ourselves, so the past few weeks have been a journey to our center, a time for us to truly get to the heart of what matter most to us. We can’t give our heart away if we don’t even know where ours truly resides.

We need to be our own person, to feel competent and content on our own and with ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we also won’t find an upgraded version of that in our interactions with another person. A relationship should never feel like it completes us, but it should complement the growth that we already are in the process of.

Since the eclipses, we have all been asked to initiate a new path of growth in which we can take what we’ve learned during the beginning of the year and combine it with the dreams of where we hope to go. During this new phase, we’ve been asked to be more authentic and honest in our relationships, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy, but through this process we will be more true to ourselves.

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We also have been asked to step up in a big way, whether it’s personal accountability or in a relationship with someone else. This means that a lot of casual situations are no longer an option because we’ve simply outgrown that ability to be cavalier with our hearts.

It’s not that we’re changing the game altogether, but it does mean that we will be asking more from those who are in our love lives. But it’s not all hard adjustments and uncomfortable change.

Libra is on the scene here, and as the air sign represented by the scales, she rules relationships, specifically the primary romantic relationship in our lives. This means that during this moon we’re going to be feeling the need to draw closer to the one that we love — not out of any old, outdated behavior patterns but because we are going to be following our hearts to home.

This is the idea that is emerging during this time. Perhaps we’ve been through a lot, maybe we haven’t always made the right choices, and we probably still have a lot of work to do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know where we feel like we belong the most.

It’s this feeling of belonging that we’ve inadvertently been searching for the past few weeks since the eclipse. At times we thought maybe the answer rested within ourselves, or even in some remote space, but in truth, we sometimes find home in another person.

We are going to be feeling the desire to become more serious in our relationships and prepared to make a deeper level of commitment. This could manifest through some serious conversations where growth is the focus, a change in relationship status, or even the language that we use to define the connection between ourselves and another person.

Nothing about this full moon in Libra is about separation, and because of that we will be drawn to our hearts, our truth, and our own authenticity. But the really beautiful thing is that through that process we also will be drawn closer to the person who encourages us on that journey and who always seems to say exactly what we need to hear.

No relationship will be easy all the time, but it’s not about how we handle the good times that determine our strength; rather, it's about how we weather the storms together. Because sometimes, we look at someone and suddenly realize we’re home. 

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