How The Mercury-Neptune Conjunct On February 25th Will Affect Your Horoscope (And Intimate Relationships) This Week

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Mercury conjuncts Neptune
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In relationships, we get back what we put in.

On February 25th, when Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, this will create the space for us to go deeper with our personal relationships and with ourselves. But what does this have in store for your zodiac sign and, even better, your horoscope?

First we need to know what a conjunction is. In astrology, a conjunction is when particular planets are extremely close, which means that they are blended and work together as one.

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Mercury is the planet of communication and is currently transitioning through the sign of Pisces which can provide some difficulty, but only because the winged messenger is more cerebral and Pisces is naturally more intuitive and feeling. This creates a struggle or hardship for Mercury because he has to learn to not only soften his edges, but also communicate differently.

Neptune is one of the ruling planets for the mystical fish and is the planet of illusion, depth and fantasy, and currently is also transitioning through Pisces. In this sign, Neptune is at home in her watery depths where there is nothing definable but the undefinable itself.

It’s mystical, intuitive, and holds the ability of the unimaginable.

With Mercury on the scene here, this is a strong aspect of communication, but it’s more than that — it’s also not just the ability to talk but to truly speak in such a way that we are conveying our authentic truth and also holding space for our partners to do the same.

In relation to Neptune, this means that we have the ability to really manifest our deepest desires about what a romantic relationship could be, but we have to do the work to actually get it. This means that there is no shortcut to happily ever after.

When Mercury conjuncts Neptune, we will see a Jekyll and Hyde aspect, because depending on ourselves and our actions, there are two drastic possible outcomes for our relationships. In many ways, this astrological event is asking us to step up and truly become our best possible selves so we can then make our primary relationship the best possible one.

Yet if we don’t — if we manipulate, lie, cheat or lash out instead of taking the time to understand — we could see our relationship blowing up in our face.

The lesson with Mercury and Neptune is that we all have the same opportunities available to us; we all have a choice to try to approach our relationships differently and be willing to be vulnerable in expressing our wants and needs to our partners. But making the choice to do this isn’t easy because it’s often seen as much easier to just stay on the surface and blame our partner for when we feel unsatisfied or triggered, rather than owning our behavior and speaking up.

But to begin to act differently in our relationships and with ourselves has to be a conscious choice.

This means that during the week of the 25th, we are going to be more aware of ourselves and our choices within how we interact with those that we love, and quite frankly, even with ourselves. If we take the time to understand, listen, and honestly communicate within our relationships, we will find ourselves closer than ever with our partners as February comes to a close.

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During this time, there are a lot of transits that deal with aspect of commitment, communication, and sexual desires. But foreplay doesn’t just begin once we take our clothes off in the bedroom; it starts with how we talk to our partners, how emotionally available we are to them, and if we make the space for them to express themselves openly. If we can create that mental and emotional intimacy with our partners, the sexual intimacy will be off the charts.

Incredible sexual intimacy is also a strong possibility with this transit with Mars and Venus so closely in the mix. The trap, however, is if things are going incredibly well, believing they can actually stay that way.

It seems that in relationships, when things are going badly, we automatically look to what we or the other person are doing wrong, yet when they are going great we then think it’s “just because.” It’s important to take ownership of when things are going great in our relationships, because it gives us the support and validation for our effort.

But the other side of that is we could see a lot of arguments and misplaced feelings around this transit too.

The biggest difference between the two possible outcomes is if we let ourselves embrace any fear that arises during this time, or if instead, we choose to move through and conquer it. Whenever we run the risk of going deeper within a particular relationship or situation, we also will naturally feel fear over the aspect of change, yet nothing is meant to remain the same forever.

The thing to remember is that we are not only responsible for our own happiness, but for the design of our lives. We can’t blame our apathy or dissatisfaction with our lives on our partner and then still expect to continue to help one another become our best possible selves.

If we want to be in a healthy, successful, dynamic relationship, then we also need to be able to approach one another as if we already are.

If we want to have a greater sense of intimacy with our partner, we need to first open up. If we want more trust, we need to be willing to be the first to extend that. If we want a deeper level of commitment, we need to be able to speak up about our needs.

What we want from our partner and our relationship, we first need to be able to give. Because in relationships, no matter how sweet our words or promises may be, we get back what we put in. 

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