Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of February 12-18, 2018

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What's in the cards for you during Valentine's week?

February: the month when the first buds bloom after the chill of winter, and when the first layer of snow starts to melt in the presence of Spring. It's the perfect month to celebrate the beautiful intricacies of love in all its warm and frigid forms.

That's why your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for February 12 to 18, 2018 will tell you what you can expect this Valentine's week in your love life, all based on your zodiac sign.

Are you ready to find out? Let's dive in.

ARIES: 5 of Fire

Strife, struggle, and bullying are the themes of the 5 of Fire, Aries. Outright, conspicuous, and in-your-face conflict.

That means, this time around, you won't find Valentine's week as appealing as it was in the previous years. You may, in fact, end up having a verbal spat or a physical confrontation with your significant other.

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TAURUS: Reversed 2 of Air

Taurus, you will have a very interesting experience this Valentine's week — an experience that will make you realize how in-sync you are with both your good and bad sides, your shadow and your light.

Don't get frightened. It will be a freeing experience, even though it will make you question who you are on the inside.

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GEMINI: 9 of Water

You restrospected last week, Gemini. And now it's time to emerge from the depths and reconnect with the world.

So this Valentine's week, you can expect to be more in-sync with the world around you, more open and accepting, and more emotionally sensitive. My advice: Take it slow.

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CANCER: Healing

Something major and life-changing will happen this Valentine's week, Cancer, even if you do not realize the depth of its life-changing ability until much later.

It can be a cathartic experience that finally frees your heart by plucking out the poisonous thorn still lodged deep within it, thus, allowing you to start healing. Or it can be the appearance of a person in your life who has the ability to heal your emotional wounds.

Whatever it might turn out to be, be open to the message that comes your way.

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LEO: Wisdom

This week will be the one to remember for years to come, Leo. Why? Because this week, you will stand out in the matters of the heart.

If in a relationship, this "standing out" will take the form of reverence and awe in the eyes of your significant other. He or she will finally look at you and realize how different and unique you from the rest of the world.

If single, you will be a beacon of inspiration for others as you romance yourself and engage wholeheartedly in the season of love, even though "technically" you should be sad and miserable. Shine on!

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VIRGO: 7 of Fire

Virgo, this Valentine's week you can expect to find your path crossing another's who will stimulate your sixth sense. Their presence will be warm and inviting and will awaken a sense of "meant to be" or "destined to meet" in you. 

Don't be afraid of it. Just live in the moment and trust your instincts.

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LIBRA: Destiny

The wheel of Destiny is spinning once again, Libra. And this time, it is spinning during Valentine's week. So be prepared and remain receptive. The key to your heart will show itself this week, and bring with it a lot of wisdom.

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SCORPIO: Reversed Love

The deal, Scorpio, with this card is that while it foretells of a disappointment in love and a heartbreak, it also foretells of an experience that will open up your heart even more, make you more compassionate, and show you how resilient you are in the face of the adversities.

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SAGITTARIUS: Reversed 6 of Fire

You will experience a cold war this Valentine's week, Sagittarius. An internal strife that is inconspicuous and subtly fought, but which still leaves its mark on the warriors. A strife that both of you will not ease up on, regardless of who tries to mediate the situation separately.

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CAPRICORN: Reversed Masculine/Feminine (Page of Fire)

This Valentine's week you will recognize an imbalance within yourself, Capricorn. An imbalance that prevents you from understanding either the feminine principle of receiving (because you are too masculine) or the masculine principle of giving (because you are too feminine).

And this imbalance will create a block in your love life because for love to blossom, you need to be in-sync with both your masculine and feminine halves — the giver and the receiver.

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AQUARIUS: Emotions

You will find yourself in a state of turmoil this Valentine's week, Aquarius. Sometimes you will be happy and ecstatic, and other times you will be down and depressed.

Is this vicious cycle because you are with the wrong person who lives for drama? Or is it because of a lack within you that is making itself known now? The only way to understand is to breathe and allow these emotions play out without trying to censor them.

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Your faith in this world and in love will be restored this Valentine's week, Pisces. You will feel in-sync with the world and will once again feel warmth blossom in your heart, which you had missed for so long. Be grateful for this, and don't try to dissect it.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.