How The Romantic Mercury-Jupiter Square (The First Of 4!) On February 13th Will Affect Your Love Horoscope This Month

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Mercury-Jupiter square
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Hard work helps a relationship last forever.

On February 13th, we will experience the first of four squares between Mercury, the planet of communication, and Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck. This Mercury-Jupiter square will not only affect our love horoscope for the next week, but our zodiac signs as well.

But what is a square in astrology? A square is when two planetary bodies are within 90 degrees of one another. Usually, these can be tense aspects but because of Jupiter being involved, it tends to lessen the difficult feelings and bring a positive outcome to this particular transit.

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Although February is a short month, there is no shortage of show-stopping astrology aspects that ultimately are meant to help push us from one life phase into another. While the super blue blood moon occurred at the end of January, we will be in eclipse season for the duration of February, even after the new moon solar eclipse occurs in the middle of the month.

During eclipse season, anything goes, and it touches our relationships — not just platonically, but romantically.

This is because our primary relationships deeply affect not just where we are in this life but also where we end up on our journey; who we have next to us is often more important than what we are doing in any given moment.

This means that for all of us, we will be looking more closely at who we have decided to partner with in life and whether they are helping us become our best possible selves or are holding us back. Perhaps it’s a relationship that just got temporarily off track or maybe it’s a relationship that already has served its purpose, and by refusing to let it go we are holding ourselves back from growing in this life.

Whatever it may be, during the next month we will be receiving ample opportunity and time to not only review our romantic relationships but also make the necessary changes.

The Mercury-Jupiter square is just one aspect that will help us not only review our experiences and our desires about the future, but also assist us in communicating them to our partners in a healthy and productive way. Nothing is meant to stay the same forever, so the question for all of us becomes: what exactly do we want our forever to look like?

Mercury is the planet of communication and is currently in the sign of Aquarius, which is logical, open-minded and fair, and this will help us in discerning our true feelings from those that become present during times that we are emotionally or mentally triggered. Having Mercury in this sign actually will help us not only communicate our thoughts and feelings, but will help us create innovative solutions to the problems that we all face in our relationships.

But this means that we also have to be willing to step out from the box of conformity so that we may gift ourselves the freedom to not only be ourselves but also create a life of our choosing.

Jupiter is in Scorpio this entire year. Scorpio is a hot sign; he likes passionate sex, deep love, and thought-provoking conversations. The shallow or superficial just won’t do here which, will affect how we think about our relationships and what we want to manifest in our love life.

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These two signs combined will have us heating up the bedroom together on the specific dates of this transit, and being able to truly communicate ourselves and our hearts to our partner. 

In many ways, being able to communicate with a partner begins with how well we are able to communicate with ourselves. If we only ever sugarcoat or lie to ourselves, our vision will be clouded for where we hope to travel in the future, which is where Jupiter in Scorpio comes into play.

During the specific dates of this transit, not only will we find that we communicate with greater clarity and ease, but we also will be able to see the silver lining of almost any cloud.

Aquarius and Scorpio together have unstoppable energy, and while many of us will see greater communication in our relationships, the result of that is an enhanced level of intimacy, which leads to a better time in the bedroom.

For most of us, we can’t truly open up sexually to people that we don’t feel we can communicate with. The ability to let down our walls and let someone in — not just to our hearts, but truly into our bodies as well — means that we have to trust one another in a way in which we know we are safe.

This month, anything is possible, especially if we believe that it is and decide to let go of our expectations so we can welcome into our lives what is trying to blossom.

There is a time for everything, and when we can move out of our own way and let ourselves explore our depths, communicate our needs, and open ourselves up to be vulnerable with another, we also open the door for the kind of relationship we’ve only yet to dream about.

The difference is, this time it’s not a dream, because anything worth having has to be worked for, including our happily ever after. 

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