22 (New!) Valentine's Day Date Ideas, Whether You're Single Or In A Relationship

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The best day to treat yourself no matter what your relationship status.

The best day to treat yourself no matter what your relationship status.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so it’s time to start planning!

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a real drag and for others, it’s their favorite time of year. My goal is to allow everyone to see the joy in Valentine’s Day whether you’re celebrating the love of your significant other or the love of yourself! Here are a few nontraditional Valentine’s Day ideas for couples and singles! Let’s get into it!

Nontraditional Valentines Day Ideas For Couples:

1. Create a date. 

Instead of spending extra money on a traditional Valentine’s Day idea, create it yourself. You could create your own wine or craft beer tasting for your partner or you could create your own ‘dinner and a movie’ ambiance. Get creative and save money, too!

2. DIY the gifts. 

It makes receiving a gift 10x more special when the person you love took the time to make it for you. That’s just facts!

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3. Create a film. 

Not that kind… unless you two are into that! You could make a short film together by simply recording throughout the day and I promise it’ll pull on your heart-strings when you watch it later in life. A perfect memory.

4. Create your own spa. 

Again, instead of spending unnecessary money, you could create your own spa by making facials, baths, and giving each other massages! Get some aromatic oils, hot stones, bath robes… the whole nine!

5. Cook a fancy meal together. 

Find a recipe that the two of you would love to try to make it together. You’d be surprised at how much fun you’ll have cooking it together.

6. Get toasted. 

Seriously. Create a drink together. Name it, make it, and drink it together. Then, let the fun times roll.

7. Host a couple’s date at your place. 

Gather a few other couples and host the evening at your place with a game night, food and drinks, dance vibes, and/or even a paint and sip!

8. Create a vision board together. 

I mean seriously. How sweet is this?! Sit down and create a vision board for your future together. You’ll be surprised at what they want in their future with you.

9. Do a photoshoot. 

Not a Snapchat shoot, but a legit put-together photoshoot. Both of you will feel so special and you’ll have pictures to document it and last a lifetime.

10. Write a love letter or poem for one other. 

Read each other your feelings. I don't know what it is about hearing written word, but the way they tug at the heart and make you melt is indescribable.

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11. Read a good book together. 

Snuggle up and read a couple of chapters of good urban fiction out loud to each other. It’s sensual and it will definitely set the mood for the rest of the evening.

12. Create a playlist for each other. 

Sometimes music can captivate your emotions better than you can say. Make a playlist of love songs for your special someone and enjoy them together over a bottle or two of good wine.

Nontraditional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Singles:

1. Throw a ‘Singles Party’. 

Call up your other single friends and celebrate your singleness and the love you have for YOU. There is no reason to throw an ‘F VDay’ party because all hope is not lost. Love will find you!

2. Take a day trip. 

Get out on the town–a different town! You don’t have to go too far, but try out another bar or restaurant that you aren’t familiar with. Who knows, you could meet someone new!

3. Splurge. 

You deserve it! If you have the extra money, buy yourself that one thing you always want to get but never do. Treat yo’ self!

4. Dress up. 

Wear your best dress and head out. Doesn’t matter where you go, it’s all in the outfit, girlfriend! Don’t forget to take pictures!

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5. Rekindle an old flame. 

Take a risk! If you’re not feeling being single on Valentine’s Day catch up with an old love if they’re willing. A second chance might be just what you need.

6. Cook yourself your favorite meal. 

Plate it beautifully and enjoy it with a bottle of wine and your favorite show or movie!

7. Have a photoshoot. 

When you look good, you feel good. Capture some moments with a well-thought-out photoshoot! You’ll be glad you did!

8. Spend time with your family. 

Hang out with your sister. See a movie with your brother. Take your mom out for a spa day. The options are endless. Sometimes we need to celebrate the love we have for others, too!

9. Have sex. 

With yourself or your FWB. You deserve a good night, girl. No emotions involved.

10. Have a sleepover. 

Nostalgic and necessary!

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