How The Magical Mercury-Mars Sextile On February 3rd Will Affect Your Love Horoscope

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Mercury-Mars sextile
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What will happen when the planets align this way?

On February 3rd, we will experience the only Mercury-Mars sextile this year. Mercury, the planet of communication, will sextile Mars, the planet of action, resulting in all of us feeling a little extra daring and adventurous.

But what is a sextile in astrology? A sextile is when certain planets are about 60 degrees apart, encouraging the aspects to play nice with one another. Sextiles are always beneficial for us, as whatever bodies are involved are able to work together and bring out the best aspects of one another.

This is good news for your overall love horoscope and the zodiac signs, as you'll be driven to make some big changes in your life.

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And in this case, we have Mercury having recently entered the air sign of Aquarius, and Mars in Sagittarius, which is only adding to the feelings of wanting to make a big move, a big decision, and to feel like we are active participants in our life.

Normally, Mercury and Mars will sextile a few times during the course of any given year; however, this year it only happens once, so it’s almost as if the Universe is giving us that extra, ahem... hint that we need to make it count.

Adding to the energy at this time, we just experienced a once in a lifetime lunar event: the super blood blue moon and lunar eclipse in Leo, another sign that is driven by heart and passion. The general theme in the skies for this Mercury-Mars sextile and following weeks is that it’s much riskier to live with regret than it is to take a chance at actually having everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Sometimes when the planets are in more passive positions, it becomes easier to sit and contemplate our choices, to feel as if we have all the time in the world to actually do anything about it. But then there are also times like this when it feels like not moving or chasing our dreams — or even letting the one we love walk away — is impossible.

It’s the moment when we leave behind the safety of our words and thoughts, and instead leap into the mystery of action with intent. This time it’s not just about saying we are going to do something, but actually having the gusto and courage to not just deliver on promises but to go above and beyond, because that is what we are moved to do.

In terms of our love lives, this has a lot of history and possibility behind it. Mercury will be joining Venus, the planet of love, in Aquarius, so these two will meet and expand on our ability to think and love outside the lines. To think beyond what’s conventional and above what is even acceptable so that we can not only live our passion, but also live in love.

For many of us, there has been a shift as to how we think of romantic relationships. They don’t just have to serve a purpose any longer; we don’t love because we’re lonely or even because that is what we should do; we don’t necessarily come together to have children anymore. Instead, we are choosing to be with partners who nourish our soul.

We are choosing to love without definitions and without boundaries. We are discussing intimacy, and we want our partners to help us grow and experience life. And settling down? Heck no! Perhaps we’ve tried that or even realized it wasn’t for us, but either way, there is nothing that any of us are craving that looks like what we were told love was supposed to be.

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Instead, we’re being drawn to break the stereotypes and to cast off the expectations of our families and even society in order to come together in a partnership that actually feels like it has a bigger purpose than just to love.

And now, we are experiencing a lunar event that is truly once in a blue moon.

We’re on the heels of change and within that is the evolution of our romantic relationships. We are waking up and realizing that there is so much more to love than diamonds and a white dress.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that we don’t want to commit to love; rather, that we want to know that we’re doing it for the right reasons. Around this particular sextile, expect issues of commitment and big moments of action to take place.

This could be proposals, which we saw a flurry of as 2017 came to an end, with so many planets in Capricorn encouraging us to make commitments. But the proposals that occur during the beginning of the latter part of February while we are still under this energy will be very different.

It’s not the promise of "let’s do life by the book," but rather, "I have no idea what this life will bring, but I do know that it’s you I want by my side and I will never stop working for us." There will also be a lot of those big silver screen moments that we’ve come to love.

It’s those situations in which we have sudden realizations about where our hearts are, who we want, what we want our life to be like, and also realizing we don’t want to waste any more time. And maybe it won’t even be about that but when we know, we know, so why delay the inevitable?

We will feel the call to reach out to those our hearts pull us to, try that new dating app, finally say yes to someone that’s been asking us out, or make the choice to move a relationship to the next level, such as moving in together or taking a trip somewhere.

It’s the idea that Mars loves action and Mercury loves communication, so put them together and it sets fire to our deepest desires. And because it’s a sextile, we are only encouraged to do those things we already want to do.

This transit is about being able to speak up about what we want and then make the choice to go after it. Because sometimes, we just have to make the choice to go for it and figure out the rest later. 

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