It's Aquarius Season! Here's What's In The Astrological Forecast For These Water-Bearers In 2018

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Aquarius horoscope
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There are big changes coming your way.

It's a new year and we all go about tackling that idea in our own way, whether it's relying on astrology or checking our horoscope daily. And Aquarius, who comes in right at the almost-very-top of the year, walks in with some very high standards.

Resolutions are what Aquarians pride themselves on; they set goals and achieve them easily, and when we check out the Aquarius horoscope for 2018, this year provides a helluva lot of opportunity for this particular zodiac sign.

And what you want this year is unique to you — and also very important. The Aquarius personality is very goal-oriented, and this year will tap into that heavily, propelling you into momentum.

Nobody would be surprised at all by you if you've already attempted some grand project that you've quickly brought to completion. You're a go-getter and you do what you need to do in order to accomplish what you've set out for yourself.

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So, Aquarius, here's what you want in 2018 and what you can do to make those goals attainable:

In love and sex...

You are all about close connections and the meeting of the minds. Sex is not casual with you, though you enjoy sex as much as the next person. For you, in love as in sex, it has to be special, and it has to be with a person with whom you've really connected.

You're finished with temporary lovers and you've absolutely had enough with heartbreak. You've learned that you work best in one-on-one situations. And from your partner, you expect honesty and open communication. Lies, fibs, sins of omission are not tolerated, as you have a very sincere desire to live in the truth and the light, and you wish for the same in your romantic/sexual partner.

In career and finance...

This year should being you some substantial gain, as you take that drive of yours and put it into money-making. You don't want to waste time and you realize that time is fleeting and that sometimes it really is "now or never" when it comes to making a business decision.

Being good at communication, you will most likely be able to finesse any situation to your benefit. But don't get cocky; you may feel an abundance of self-confidence enter your life some time in February, but always keep your eyes open for the sharks that may want to take your shine away from you.

The key for you, in business and in money, is to move fearlessly, but to move in caution and with full knowledge of what could become an obstacle.

In family and friends...

You're extremely faithful to both family and friends, and in the past, this kind of loyalty has worked against you. That has not affected your sense of loyalty, but it has made you assess what is worth what in your life.

This year will be about picking your battles and finally figuring out who and what really isn't worth all the drama that's put in to them. You've given out some great advice in the last few years, Aquarius, and in truth, you really wish someone actually had the intelligence to TAKE that advice.

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You've spent too much time resenting those you've gone out of the way for, and this year is going to be all about figuring out who works in your life, and who doesn't. You won't be losing friends or even "getting rid of them," but you will be weighing each one of them for the worth in your life... and you will also find that some of your friends, at least, are not worth a whole lot.

In health...

You are a very dedicated health freak, and only you would know just how amazing that status is due to the fact that in the past, you've taken some pretty destructive paths and have lead yourself into several states of ill health.

This year is part of a huge change for you. Enough of being scared of what's out there, illness-wise — you've spent a little too much time in the hypochondriac world of fear and lack of healthy progress. Weight loss is favorable this year, for you, as is the idea of bringing in a meditation practice.

Health is going to be about mind-body work this year, and it's going to not only be interesting for you to become involved with — it's going to work, too! Yes, good health is part of the 2018 Aquarian destiny, so cheers! (With a fresh fruit smoothie, of course.)

All in all, the Aquarius personality should benefit from good mental health during this year as stress will lessen due to learned methods of stress relief (meditation, chanting, contemplation). You will find yourself spending more and more time in the company of Leos and Sagittarians, who will always keep you interested and intellectually fulfilled.

You're one of the smartest signs of the Zodiac, and that also means you're one of the most imaginative... while all great personality traits, these very aspects have also worked you to the bone in terms of stress. And 2018 promises less stress, more money and a good, balanced life in health, romance, sex, friends and family.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.