It's Capricorn Season! How 2018 Will Affect These Seagoats — And What They Can Do To Change

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It's time to let go of control.

It's that time, that special time of the year that belongs to you and you alone, dear Capricorn — it's the time of the season where everything that makes up your Capricorn personality comes out to shine, despite the horrid Mercury in retrograde that just happens to have taken over this winter, in 2017.

Good thing to know, the retrograde is just about a thing of the past, and all those great Capricorn personality traits can come out to play, free from the influence of Mercury and its insidious affect of just about everything that makes sense to you.

What do you want, Capricorn? What is it that lurks beneath that beautiful exterior of yours?

What do you want as a person, as a mate, as a sexual being? What do you want as a creative person, a maker of money? A parent, friend, lover... human being?

You want order and control. Sometimes you can't have that, as much as you wish your horoscope said you could, so you stress out heavily over that in private. One thing leads to another and all that stress gives you physical problems.

So what's the lesson here? Relax your need to control and let things flow. It may be against your nature, but as someone who is born under the sign of Capricorn, you already know that you can't have everything you want, your way, all the time. Know it and move on.

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Allow yourself the freedom to have things go off in a spontaneous way sometimes. If you can't control everything, you might as well try to enjoy the surprise of what lack of control can bring you.

You might want to tone down the suspicion and distrust that you have for others, especially the ones who love you and are loved by you. The people in your life respect you; no need to take them to task for it.

Keep this in mind, Capricorn: you can act like the big control freak boss as long as you'd like, but that certainly doesn't mean everyone is going to stick around for your pushy behavior.

Part of what made you this way is due to all the hurt you've accrued in your life. Yes, you've felt emotional pain — even true heartbreak and loss — but you've let it turn you into a colder person than you might have wanted to be. That's where you get a second chance.

In 2018, you will definitely come to terms with certain things — your personality being the first on the list. There are things you don't like about yourself; things you've done that you recognize as foolish. Instead of processing these things, you've worked to build up a wall of protection to guard you against feeling them.

This will not work for you as a permanent solution. You must confront your feelings, know them, own them and then find a way to reconstruct your life without that bitter pill accompanying you throughout everything you do.

You, like most people, do enjoy the weekends and the "playtime" that comes with relinquishing all responsibility and work procedures. This is a good thing, Capricorn, as you tend to be very open and positive when you're partying. You're open when you're having fun, and whatever makes up that "fun" for you is what you need more and more of.

You are surprisingly wholesome, even when you're wicked. That's a fun balance — a thing you'll want to incorporate more of during 2018.

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You're a humble person and no one will ever accuse you of being too much; however, you don't need to do much to assert your ideas or opinions on to a situation, and that kind of power is both good for you and detrimental. In the long run, it once again boils down to control and how much one can have.

You can't have it all, and you need to come to terms with that, Cap. The sooner you learn that you are not here to make people believe in you or your ways, the easier life will be for you. Release the need to control and you will find life gets a lot smoother for you.

Stay healthy and feed yourself the nutrients that take care of you, personally. Do not slack off when it comes to diet and exercise, and try to maintain a healthy balance when eating and imbibing any kind of alcohol.

If you tend to have skin problems, remember to balance with hydration; water is your ultimate cure, Capricorn. If you have a tendency toward bone problems or arthritis, then you absolutely must stay on the ball. Your conditions are all manageable, but your stress puts them to the test.

In the long run, you want what everyone else wants: love, security and a happy future, all of which you can achieve in 2018 if you play your cards right. But you have to remember what those cards are: humility, self-respect, allowance for spontaneity, and balance.

Learn from fellow Capricorns like Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley; the superstar potential is in you, you just have to learn to temper your need for absolute control so that you don't burn yourself out. Do the right thing and you will guarantee yourself a beautiful, fruitful new year of 2018.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.