How The Full Supermoon In Gemini Affects Your Love Life The Next Few Weeks

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super moon in Gemini
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Are you ready to close your eyes and jump?

On Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 there was a full supermoon in Gemini.

We are experiencing a trilogy of super moons, and this is the second one in this particular phase. Super moon means that the moon is approximately 30 percent closer to earth making it look bigger and more luminous. This also means that this full moon will be magnifying the already intense energies.

While our sun has recently moved in freedom-seeking Sagittarius, our moon will be in Gemini, the sign of the twins, for this particular full moon. Gemini has two sides and will be highlighting this aspect of ourselves during this powerful lunation.

For so many of us, this year was about beginnings, about taking that risk and truly breaking away from the old in order to welcome the new into our lives. But this isn’t done overnight nor is it done instantaneously; rather, it happens through a series of small, sometimes meaningless decisions.

In 2017, we’ve had quite a few of those seemingly small occurrences that have actually been part of a grander plan.

Sometimes it seems we battle ourselves more than we do anyone else, and this often is with who we thought we were versus the person we are becoming. This means that we can feel stuck at times, reluctant to move forward, or even unsure as to how to actually go about that. But all of that is really only what happens when we resist the urge to grow.

To grow is a beautiful thing, but it also means that sometimes we have to let ourselves be undone in the process.

A seed doesn’t know what it will be when it’s planted deep in the ground, and neither do we when we start off on a new path. Only through time, patience and the willingness to explore will we be able to fully bloom — not just into our potential but also into the people we were ultimately born to be.

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Which raises the question: Can we really know love until we know ourselves?

And this is where the entire year changes. Yes it’s at the end, yes some may say the year is already in the books, but for the rest of us we know that sometimes it’s not about how something is begun but about how it is finished, and this year isn’t over yet. This is the time when we will fully realize the changes and the lessons that we’ve learned over the past year and also be brave enough to take them and utilize them into a new beginning.

For so many, it seems they are on the edge of a phase change. This means that people are moving from singlehood into relationships; from relationships to moving in or even straight to marriage. Not only is this the year of beginnings speaking but it’s also that Sag energy which is more about action than just talk.

This is even an important part of Gemini because just as the twins are split on everything, so are they on whether they just want to talk a good game or if they want to put in the action and work to back it up.

Perhaps this is something we’ve all struggled with over the course of this last year, but not anymore. Not because we’ve felt pressured to move or because we have someone standing over us demanding that we take action, but simply because it feels like it’s time.

The full super moon reminds us that it’s time for so many of us to take those big steps and to make those big moves that now it just seems more impossible to fight the change than it does to hoist the sails and be ready for the adventure. The biggest obstacle that this super moon in Gemini will be is our desire to move but perhaps feeling like we can’t quite yet.

The Gemini twins aren’t like the dual fish of Pisces who seem to only ever swim in opposite directions; rather, as different as they are, they can come together and agree on something. While this moon will be highlighting the talk versus action, it also seems that with Mercury, the planet of communication, on the scene, we’ll need to express ourselves less verbally and instead will want to show others our intent through our actions.

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What this translates to, in essence, is get ready because it’s going to be one hell of an end to the year.

Astrologers have long predicted December as a game changer month, not because it’s the cumulating of any great event but because of the effect of the super moons, Mercury in retrograde, and the Gemini-Sagittarius energy that will be literally pushing us from our stagnant ruts.

Also on the scene during this moon is Neptune, usually seen as planet of illusion but in this sense it will be just softening the edges of our imaginations and hearts so that not only will we let ourselves act accordingly, but we will also let ourselves be pulled by our hearts.

Gemini is versatile and this month we will be about letting ourselves shed those old skins so we may finally grow. This moon can find us unable to find the words to express what we want to say or how we feel. It may also provoke us to take a stand in situations where we felt like our voice wasn’t truly being heard.

For those that are single, this super moon is asking you to look at how you treat yourself. Do you say one thing, but actually do another? Do you say you support your search for love, yet fear it simultaneously? These qualities of duality or contradiction will be placed under a microscope in the coming weeks, asking us to have our head and heart on the same page.

After all, how can we jump if we don’t truly know where we hope to land? 

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