How The Fall Equinox Will Affect Your Love & Sex Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Are you ready for the unexpected?

With each season we are drawn to experience different aspects of life. Regardless of if you are in a geographic area that actually changes with the seasons or not, the energy from the shortening of days is one that is felt by everyone.

We are just ending an intense and trying summer, in part because of the astrological elements such as the great eclipse we all recently experienced, and also because 2017 is set to be a year of new beginnings.

Often times we think that endings are harder than beginnings because of what we have to let go of in order to make room for the newness that is just a promise away. Yet, there is work to be done in order to actually launch a beginning in fruition. It’s difficult and often times not only requires multiple tries, but requires that certain elements be aligned.

This is what 2017 has been all about. But the fall equinox astrology predictions will differ greatly from what we've seen.

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But something is shifting and we aren’t wandering around as aimless as we were last March. But we know we’re not quite at the finish line yet, although it is now within view.

During the summer months we rounded the hump of the year and with it the most difficult lessons that we were meant to learn, especially in regards to our hearts and what goes on (or doesn’t) in the bedroom. Sure we might have had some summer lovin’ but it was also emotionally exhausting and was difficult at times to keep pushing through the confusion even if we knew it wasn’t going to be permanent.

Now we are in the homestretch of 2017 with only four months left of the year and the only guarantee we have is to expect the unexpected. But our priorities will also be different than the summer.

As fall ushers in we will lose our desire for the frivolous or the light and instead be drawn into those romantic connections that are deeper, long-lasting and committed. Because of the energies of Venus over the past year, we have seen more marriage proposals than ever before in such a short period of time.

In part, it was the combination of the love planet, with the nodes of fate making right on those relationships that are created by the universe, but also about those new beginnings as well.

Combined with the autumnal equinox, we can only expect that to continue from here until the end of the year.

So, what are the fall equinox astrology predictions? There are going to be those couples where it seems like they move in or get married out of nowhere but that’s only because so much has been going on behind the scenes. It’s not a time for whirlwind romances but for cutting away the excess junk that sometimes gets in way of true love.

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There are going to be fewer reasons why we all shouldn’t take the plunge into commitment than why we should. Yet, even though there will be a great deal of proposals and elopements from now until the end of the year, it’s also about just making a decision to be more committed in our hearts as well. People may make declarations of love, move in, or just decide that there isn’t anyone else for them.

Fall is a time that we all tend to get closer to the ones we love; colder weather is on its way along with longer nights and holidays. While it’s usually a subconscious desire to stick closer to the ones we love, it translates as a very real feeling to be drawn more towards the serious than the frivolous.

But just because we’re more likely to be drawn into committed relationships doesn't mean that our sex lives will suffer. Actually, what’s likelier is that they will be hotter than ever.

Often times it seems like men get a bad rap when it comes to committed relationships as if it’s their very mission in life to avoid them. Yet, just like all stereotypes, this is one that we feed into and perpetuate because it somehow makes ourselves feel more comfortable, even if it’s becoming more secure within the insecure.

Here’s the secret, though: There’s not a man alive who wouldn’t want to commit to a woman that he knew he’d never find again. So maybe they don’t get wedding fever like a young twenty-something bride, but it still doesn’t mean he doesn’t envision what it will be like to share a life with a woman who keeps him on his toes and striving to be the best man that he can be.

It’s also realizing that while men and women both can have sex with anyone, when we find our person, everything changes.

Sex is great not because we are perfect physically but because of the level of emotional intimacy that is present, and with each kiss upon the eyes or fingertips moving along soft skin we’re saying I love you. So, perhaps what we’re really going to see more of next season is deeply bonded sex, where it becomes more about the connection between two people than just the act of getting off.

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For those of us unattached, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to be sitting this one out, but we will be more discriminate about where and with whom we spend our time. Our priorities will shift from being out to be seen, to being home to be understood.

Our pleasures and satisfaction will be more deeply rooted with a long-term lover and it’s because of this that flings just won’t do. Our hearts are ready for more, whether it’s a trip down the altar or just moving in. The one thing that’s certain is that we’re looking for a partner, not just a pretty face.

So while we all need to keep expecting the unexpected, we also need to be ready to just say yes.

What is the autumnal equinox? Watch the video below for a more in-depth look:


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