15 Men Reveal The Goofiest Thing A Woman Did That Made Them Fall MADLY In Love

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weird things that attract men to women

“It’s a cliché, but she snorts when she laughs and it’s the best.”

In today’s heavily-filtered culture, there’s more pressure than ever to be #flawless, which is a real shame because the greatest things about us are the things that make us unique. How can we be outstanding if we’re working overtime to fit in? And even more specifically, how boring would we all be if we didn’t have a few messy flaws about us?

We asked guys what men think about the weird things that attract men to women. Some are strange, quirky, or just straight-up sloppy, but they are what made these men fall in love.

1. She asked for my sperm.

“She told me I was cute enough to be her sperm donor, 30 seconds after meeting her.”

2. She made me laugh.

“She could quote movies like crazy, which was amazing enough, but I loved her because she would drop an obscure movie quote into any possible situation she could, just for her own amusement without any regard to if anyone would get it or appreciate it or be annoyed by it. She cracked me up nonstop and it never got old to me because I liked the challenge of matching wits.”

3. Her socks never matched.

“I married a girl who always had mismatched socks.”

4. She carried weird things in her purse.

“I fell hard for a girl who’d attempted to make a gas mask into a purse and failed badly but carried it around anyway and used it as a talking point. ‘Let’s make fun of my sh*tty bag together’ was her ice breaker.”  

5. She walked around like a slob in public.

“I ran into her in the grocery store and not only was she wearing sweats and no makeup, but she was also eating sushi out of the deli container just with her fingers while she was shopping for other stuff like she absolutely didn’t give a f*ck. I joked, ‘You know that’s sorta frowned upon’ and she just goes, ‘I’m gonna pay for it. I do it so often, they just let me ring up the empty box.’ Sh*t was hilarious.”

6. I watched her check out her own butt.

“I caught her checking out her ass in the mirror once for like, 30 minutes. I stood right by the door and watched like a creep. She was trying different angles, with and without clothes, down on all fours, etc."

7. She peed in the shower.

“A girl I was dating was showering at her place and I went to get in with her, and she yelled ‘WAIT! I’m peeing!’ I was a little bit shocked and started acting awkward about it, and she laughed and told me to get over it, that all women do it and that her telling me means that she trusts me. I don’t know why it worked but her saying it took things to the next level for us because I was like, ‘Oh. She’s being real with me.’”

8. She sang words to a song she didn't know.

“She didn’t know a single f*cking word to this song we heard on the radio when we were driving once, but that didn’t stop her from trying to sing along as loudly as possible.”

9. She complimented people.

“She aggressively compliments people without any intention of hitting on them. She’ll walk right up to a complete stranger and say something like, ‘You’re so gorgeous, I don’t know if I should be angry or get your number. Either way, congratulations on your face,’ and then just walk off before they can respond.”

10. Her laugh is infectious.

“It’s a cliché, but she snorts when she laughs and it’s the best.”

11. She's clumsy.

“My wife is a huge klutz. She bumps into everything, knocks sh*t over all the time, and has a magical gift of breaking electronics just by touching them. It’s a pain in my ass. But get her on ice skates for the first time in a decade and she’s gliding around like an ice princess. It makes no damn sense whatsoever.”

12. She's incredibly messy.

“She makes a huge f*cking mess when she eats ribs or chicken or even popsicles, but that doesn’t stop her from getting into it anywhere and in any clothes. Seriously, she’s so messy, the first time I saw it I thought she was doing it for comedic effect until I saw her do it repeatedly. I guess she’s just bad with food, but I respect her enthusiasm.”

13. She picked her camel toe in public.

“I’d never seen a girl pick her front wedgie in public, but this girl was doing it like it was the most natural thing in the world. I made a joke about adjusting her balls and she shot right back, ‘Well, you know how much of a b*tch g-strings are.’”

14. She made her toilet into an arts and crafts project.

“She put googly eyes on the bottom of the toilet seat, so when I lifted it to pee, I felt like the potty was staring me down with a shocked expression.”

15. She imitated my favorite movie character.

"One year for Halloween I was dressed as Silent Bob, and a friend of mine was Jay. At the same party, there was a female Jay and Silent Bob. When my buddy went off to get something, the girl Jay saw me leaned up against the wall. She came up and posted up next to me. When my buddy came back, she then went into a tirade of insults and curse words akin to Jay, ending with, 'This fat tub of lard and I are now going to go do things that would make Cardinal Glick blush. Bunnnng. Now let's go, Lunchbox, and see if you are as gay for me as I always knew you were.'"

This is just a handful of all the countless weird things that attract men to women, so when you're reevaluating your "moves," don't be afraid to let your quirky side shine through.

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