These 4 Zodiac Signs Want To Be Friends — With Benefits

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zodiac signs friends with benefits
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Friends with benefits can be a messy situation if the wrong type of person enters into one. You have to be mature, open minded, and you 100% need to know your comfort levels.

After all, you are doing THE MOST intimate thing with someone who was a friend without benefits only 2 weeks ago.

As much as this type of relationship is stigmatized to be “casual”, these fun, flingy feelings can quickly turn into way more emotional ones — many of which will be starring you crying on the floor eating a bag of powdered donuts. 

But there IS a crazy crew out there who can actually handle a FWB relationship.

I don’t know how these select few people do it, but good for them. They are truly living their best lives!

You probably know one of these people. Maybe she has already been a FWB or you have a feeling that one day she will be.

When confronted with the chance to get down and dirty with a friend she’s known since preschool, she doesn’t freak out. She takes about a week to weigh her options and determine if this is the best option for her.

Is she ready? Does she have feelings?

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Once she prepares her mind for the potential mess that is a FWB relationship, she jumps right in and has the best 2 months of her life.

She feels safe and comforted and most of all she’s having a REALLY. GOOD. TIME. I bet you are, girl. I bet you are.

But who has the personality to truly commit to a non-committal relationship? We have to look to astrology and our horoscopes to answer that age old question.

If you are looking for someone to *ahem* snuggle with a bit more on the couch after that movie, see if you're one of these zodiac signs who's totally fine with having a friends with benefits relationship. If you're not, just be prepared to suffer the consequences if you decide to go for it anyway.

Good luck.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Gemini zodiac signs friends with benefits

Gemini is the best sign to have if you want a friend with benefits. The symbol that represents a Gem is twins because she can be fun and outgoing BUT also serious and thoughtful.

She is THE definition of a friend who ALSO enjoys sexual benefits on the side.

Friends with benefits is not the MOST conventional relationship status. But this doesn’t scare lil’ old Gemmi away. She is curious and can adapt to change easily.

So just in case her partner all of the sudden wants to start dating she will know how to deal with it. But she’s also super comfortable with casual sex. Basically she is open to anything and will try anything once.

But what makes her the best friend with benefits is her dislike of being alone and being constrained.

So when you want to cuddle all night she’ll probably be down. But please don’t expect her to stay for breakfast. She is a TRUE friend but also knows when it’s time to leave.

We don’t want any feelings floating around, now do we?!

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Libra zodiac signs friends with benefits

Libra is all about being fair. In any relationship she will make sure that her AND her partner are getting exactly what they want out of the situation. That’s she will definitely be a friend with benefits.

An important part about being in a FWB relationship is communication and compromise. Before anything gets hot and heavy Libra will sit down her partner and remain cooperative, diplomatic, and fair-minded.

When her friend asks for something a little outside of the FWB code, like cuddling or monthly dates, she will stay calm and be honest about what she feels comfortable with.

It also helps that she HATES being alone. So when her and her partner are done in bedroom they can go rock climbing and she won’t feel weird.

She doesn’t see a difference between when they hang out sexually and non-sexually. And she genuinely wants to be friends with sexy time on the side.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Sagittarius zodiac signs friends with benefits

Sagittarius is another sign that is adventurous in the bedroom. She is curious and energetic and would never let go of the chance to try a friends with benefits relationship.

And if things get a little awkward in her new endeavor she knows how to use humor to deflate the situation. And no one’s feelings will be hurt.

She can laugh, talk and be a little WILD during sex because she knows there are no feelings and it’s all for FUN!

A Sag embraces a FWB relationship because it allows her to still be free AND have her needs met.

Her love for freedom is a appreciated by her and and her bed buddy because he will never feel anxious that she might develop feelings.

She loves to be free and she HATES clingy people and being constrained. Good for her, GREAT for everyone!

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn zodiac signs friends with benefits

A Capricorn has been working her whole life to be disciplined enough to be in a FWB relationship. This is kind of her THING and she’s really darn good at it.

She is known for her seriousness so she’s definitely mature enough to make the decision to be a FWB. She knows herself so well that she can tell if she actually likes someone of if someone is fit to be bangin’ and hangin’.

Just like any other relationship, she will be committed. Of course until her bed buddy decides the dating life is a better fit for them. She won’t be offended or regret a single thing.

She came into the relationship mature and she will leave just the same.

And even if she does begin cultivating feelings for her partner she will use self-control and stop the feelings for escalating. She will either walk away with no explanation, or spill her feelings. The latter is WAY less likely.

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