9 Men Reveal Their BIGGEST Turn-Offs (That Most Guys Find Attractive)

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things that turn guys off
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Big boobs, to start.

Believe it or not, men do not want anyone who wants them. Those rumors are big fat lies. The truth is, men have a fair share of turn-offs, and some may be surprising.

"The inability to converse, the ability to only talk about themselves... I hate that," one man shared with me. For others, it's not being open to hearing about others. "No care for the little things in life, and endless fraught in self-loathing and continuous mistakes that should be easily avoided. Has never traveled, or taken any risks." And for others, it's more existential: "Fear."

Of course, the things that turn guys off can be more specific, such as fragrance or heels. One friend told me that big boobs are a turn-off. And for another, it's small boobs. I guess you like what you like.

But some men are not into things we just assume they will be into. Here are the things that turn guys off that most people find attractive. And some of these may blow your mind.

1. Body modifications/tattoos

"I'm not a fan of tattoos. I prefer someone without body art or piercings in places other than their ears. (I don't have any, so there's no double standard here)."

2. Laughing

"Like many men, I'm attracted to women with an outgoing personality. A turn-off is a laugh that's over the top — too loud, too long, or too often at the wrong time. I'm not sure who would find that attractive."

3. Being in amazing in bed

"A sure-fire way to get me to lose interest is to have a woman claim she's amazing in bed and then to discover she's not that great. I'm more interested in women who know where they stand or let their actions speak louder than their words. Manage my expectations, then blow me away (pun intended). I'll be much more likely to stay with someone who may not be the greatest sexual partner ever (and we figure things out together) than I am with someone who thinks they have nothing to learn. Besides, every partner is a little (or a lot) different. Of course, there is probably some guy who is similarly mediocre who is a perfect match for that big talker."

4. Being too confident

"The biggest turn-off for me is when a woman is cocky. While I like a confident woman, what I don't like is when she thinks she's better than every other person around her. In my book, there's a difference between cocky and confident."

5. Wearing makeup

"When a woman has so much makeup on she looks good, but once the paint comes off the car, you realize its a beat-up Buick."

6. Having big boobs

"And fake boobs. Big boobs because I'm Jewish; that's what I grew up around. Fake boobs because they look, well... so fake."

7. Trying to make me jealous

"When she tries to make me jealous, I'm not into that. It's actually totally gross."

8. Being athletic

"While I think it's hard to be attracted to someone who takes no care in their appearance, I also think there's something a little off-putting about women who put WAY too much care into their physique. Case in point: women who are always working out. There's just a point where it becomes exhausting. The constant gym trips, their inability to relax, the fact that 80 percent of their wardrobe is made out of yoga pants material. Tight bodies are fun, but not nearly as much fun as having someone who can sit on a couch with you all night, with no shame, and just Netflix and chill. (Both literally and figuratively.)"

9. Trying to look like a celebrity

"I find some celebrities attractive (how about that Gal Gadot?) but it's a major turn-off when someone tries to look like a particular celebrity or cultivate a celebrity look in general. By celebrity look, I don't necessarily mean toting around an impossibly small dog and wearing a t-shirt of a dead iconic celeb with your own head shot embossed over it. But more like someone who is always dressed and made-up as if they are stunting for Instagram. It smacks of insecurity and shallowness. And trying to look like a person who isn't you is likely a sign of a serious personality disorder. Not a particular turn-on."