This Is What True Love Feels Like... Can You Handle It?

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If You Could Define True Love, This Is What It Would Be

It's nothing like those movies and fairytales.

Growing up I truly believed that true love was what I saw in the movies and what I read in the fairy-tales.

I thought it was supposed to be filled with beautiful flowers, little square boxes that held expensive things, and a horse (preferably one that talks..). 

But that is most definitely not the case.

And while there is no universal definition of "true love," there is one thing about love that is universal, and that is that it's not butterflies and rainbows 24/7.

And it is nothing like those movies and fairy-tales.

This is what I think true love really is:

True love is giving him some of your Hot Cheetos, even though you mentally prepared yourself to eat the whole freaking bag.

True love is waking up 15 minutes early so you can run and get him that white mocha latte he loves, just to make sure he starts his day off right. 

True love is sharing the DJ rights in the car, so you both get to jam to your favorite songs. But it really tears you apart, because he has the worst taste in music.

True love is disliking jam-packed action movies with a passion but yet still watching them with him, because you know they're his favorite.

True love is falling into the toilet every. single. day. because he has yet to learn to put the toilet seat back down.

True love is fighting over who has the better dance moves, even though you both have absolutely no rhythm.  

It is all about knowing that you will always care for this amazing human being for the rest of your life. No doubt exists in your mind whatsoever. 

It really isn't some magical fairy-tale filled with talking animals and huge ass castles.

It's passionate, crazy, complicated, painful, and so much more. But believe me, if it is any of those adjectives, it's real. And it is worth it.

Love is hard

There are days where it may feel as close to perfect as it possibly could, and there are days where you want to ring each other's necks because of the smallest argument.

But I swear to you, I could never, ever, change the love that my boyfriend and I have for anything in the world.

I wouldn't change it for a million dollars. Maybe 2 million, but... definitely not a million.

This article was originally published at PuckerMob. Reprinted with permission from the author.