15 Hard Truths Only Interracial Couples Understand

Photo: unsplash / matheus ferrero
15 Hard Truths Only Interracial Couples Understand

You'll learn a lot about racism in the world.

By Ashley Paige

If you're currently in an interracial partnership like I am, you've probably noticed a few significant differences in the relationship. Some good, some not so good — but all worth it. In fact, it's made you a better, kinder, more sensitive person as a whole, and the truth of the matter is, you wouldn't trade the connection you have for a pot of gold.

Ahead are 15 things interracial couples understand. We're in this together!

1. There's a chance you'll feel a little awkward when meeting each other's families for the first time.

"Hi, nice to meet you. Please accept me..."

2. Because initially, your parents may be a little cautious.

It's not really rational, but they'll likely come around.

3. Your friend circles might be totally different.

Shakes things up a bit — in a good way.

4. You'll probably have to endure a few insensitive jokes.

No one's laughing. Later, hater!

5. Holidays are a unique situation because you may stand out at the party.

Not a bad thing, especially if you enjoy the spotlight.

6. There's always that one old-school family member who's just not down with it.

And to that we say, "Get with the times, bro."

7. You'll learn a lot about racism in the world.

Expect an eye-opening lesson in deep-seated racism.

8. ...And you'll ALWAYS stick up for each other to combat the stereotypes.

Because you've got each other's backs, 100 percent.

9. There may be a mix of languages in the relationship.

You'll probably pick up a phrase or two.

10. You'll introduce each other to new foods.

Even if you're both full-blooded Americans, heritage recipes are often passed down.

11. You'll love going on trips and exploring new cultures together.

You're open-minded in that regard.

12. The way your hands look intertwined? Amazing.

You could look at your interlaced fingers all day.

13. Pictures of you two are the literal cutest.

Which is why you take a million of 'em.

14. Basically everyone tells you that your kids would be adorable.

Because, duh, they totally would be.

15. No matter what anyone thinks, you love each other profoundly.

Opinions may change, but you two never will.

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.