He Won't Marry You Until He FOR SURE Knows These 7 Things

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He Won't Marry You Until He Knows These 7 Things

Guys need to know a lot before they marry you.

Guys are weird when it comes to marriage, and from what they tell me, it's all about timing. But I'm not so sure it is. When it comes to popping the question, guys often treat marriage like an investment and that means they do due diligence.

They need to know certain things before they're comfortable with marrying someone. Here are seven things guys check for before they decide to marry.

1. He needs to know he's ready to actually make the leap to a long-term commitment.


Unfortunately, timing is an issue. If he feels he's not at the right time of his life, he's not going to propose. You can't force his hand, either. Usually, guys decide they're ready when they're financially stable and realizing that the singles scene sucks.

2. He needs to know you'd be a good wife.

He wants someone who would be presentable around family and who might make a good mother for his kids. He wants to know that you won't turn into a shrieking harpy once the ring is on, and that you will be willing to do your part to keep him proud.

3. He needs to know you're responsible.


Marriage is a legal contract, and that means that it will have serious consequences in his financial realm. What most guys fear is that they'll marry a woman who will drive them into bankruptcy through bad spending habits, refuse to do housework while they stay at home, and basically just act like an overgrown, selfish kid.

They don't want that! They want an adult who will actually contribute, and they won't marry someone who doesn't fit that bill.

4. He needs to know that he can lose you if he doesn't marry you.

I'm a firm believer that men need a kick in the rear before they will propose. If you keep giving them the idea that a life without marriage is fine, they won't marry you because they're already enjoying the gravy train without it. If he gets the idea that you'll be with him regardless, he won't pop the question.

5. He needs to know that he's in a good financial position.


Most guys won't marry if they are dirt poor, even though money doesn't have to do anything with love. For them, it's often a pride thing. If he's broke or his income isn't stable, he won't feel ready to marry.

6. He needs to know he can trust you to stay loyal.

Simply put, guys don't take well to cheating. In fact, they take to it even worse than women do. If they feel like you wouldn't be able to keep it in your pants, they will not marry you ever.

7. And, obviously, he needs to know that you have the same long-term goals as him.


It makes no sense to marry a woman who wants everything you hate in life. This would basically be the same as shooting yourself in the foot. Guys know this, and they will only pop the question to a woman who will work with their life plan.