Don't Apologize For Your Feelings — It's BRAVE To Show You Care

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We all go a little crazy sometimes.

People love to make you feel crazy. It’s the low blow that always hurts, and everyone's favorite fighting tactic. 
No one wants to feel insane or overly emotional. We all want to be cool and chill about things — even if they’re tearing us apart inside. 
While a lot of people will say that there’s strength in not caring, really there’s strength in not being afraid to care. 
I don’t know when the switch flipped and we all decided to pretend we don’t have feelings anymore, but it needs to stop. Hiding how you feel is unhealthy and unproductive. You won’t get the kind of life you want — and you’ll never be happy — if you’re not honest, upfront and authentic. 
We all go a little crazy sometimes.
We all get emotional. It happens to everyone and it’s nothing we should be ashamed of.  
But when our boyfriends get mad at us for freaking out because he talked to his ex yesterday, we apologize. We bend over backwards to say sorry because we don’t want our “drama” to scare him off. 
Well I’m sorry but life is drama. People are drama. Feelings are drama. And we would all be super bored without a little drama. 
The strongest girls are the ones who don’t give a shit if people are uncomfortable with their feelings.
They’re honest about what’s going on. They don’t hide. They don’t pretend. They don’t put themselves in hurtful situations for the sake of everyone else. 
And they’re not afraid of making people a little uncomfortable. 
These kinds of girls are also the most empathetic. Because when you’re open with your feelings, you can relate to people that aren’t. You’re more understanding of people who get closed off or lash out because they don’t want to admit they’re hurt. 
The best thing you can do for someone is to let them know that no matter what, their feelings are validated in some way.
Because when you’re cool with being an emotional human being, you give other people around you permission to be emotional human beings too. 
So next time you feel yourself getting worked up or upset, let it out. Don’t hold back.
Don’t make any decisions or do anything permanently damaging, but don’t be afraid to talk about it. 
Drama will happen and it will break your heart sometimes, but the only way to start healing from it is to be willing to admit that it happened.