6 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are The BEST Relationships

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long distance relationship

You won't find a better situation for YOU.

People love to hate on long distance relationships. 

They say they're impossible to be in, and that there is no way you'll fully be able to trust the other person to be faithful to you. They want to tell you that the distance between you will only make you grow apart, not closer, and that being in one long-term is nothing but a waste of precious time. 

Well here's the thing: all relationships are hard. 

Problems exist whether you're miles apart or just down the road from each other.

It's two complicated human beings with emotional baggage and insecurities trying to create a sustainable partnership so they can have a successful life together. As science-y as that sounds, it means there's plenty of room for shit to hit the fan. 

Long distance relationships are different, but not necessarily harder than normal relationships. The obstacles and things you have to overcome are unique to your situation, as it is with all relationships. 

And like every other relationship you will ever be in, LDRs teach you something about yourself. In fact, I'd argue that the lessons you learn from this kind of love and commitment are some of the most important ones you'll learn in your lifetime. 

When getting into an LDR, it's normal to be skeptical. There are never any guarantees, and even if you know the person pretty well now, people always change. The scary thing about changing with distance is that you may not notice it right away. And that's where most people get scared. 

As humans we want to control as much in our lives as we possibly can.

This situation requires immediate growth because you have to let go of the reins almost completely.

You have to have full trust and faith that everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to. You have to deal with late night phone calls, time changes, new friends you don't know, counting down the days until you're on a plane and on you're way to your person. 

LDRs ask a lot of us, but in a lot of ways they're way better for YOU. Here's how:  

1. You learn how to be OK on your own. 


While you're S.O. is technically just a phone call or text away, it's not the same as having someone physically there. In an LDR you learn what it really means to be alone, and you figure out how to do that without getting super depressed. 

2. You learn how to fill your life up with other things. 


Relationships can take up a lot of time, but you can't spend every night on FaceTime forever. Eventually, you'll want to experience more of life, even if you're doing so without your boo. So you take up hobbies, join clubs and find things to make your life enjoyable that have nothing to do with romance

3. You learn how to grow your relationships with your family and friends. 


With no boyfriend or girlfriend in sight, you learn to lean on the people that are there. You're not completely distracted by your relationship, which frees up a lot of time for you to get closer to the other people in your life. The more the merrier, right? 

4. You learn how to blindly trust. 


If you have major jealousy issues, I highly suggest getting in an LDR if you can. You will turn into a crazy psycho bitch at first, but sooner or later the struggle of keeping tabs on someone who's states away becomes to much, and you learn to let go. And once you do, you never want to act that way again. 

5. You learn to appreciate the little things. 


We're a culture of grand gestures, and we forget how much little actions can mean to someone. When you're in an LDR, a simple cute text or sending flowers or a pizza can mean the world to your S.O. You also learn to appreciate the moments you are together, because you know how temporary they really are. 

6. You learn to be patient. 


While you might have a plan of being together in the near future, that plan could change. Being in an LDR means you have to be open to every possibility and find a way to be okay with whatever happens.

And being adaptable with life is one of the greatest skills you could ever learn.