It's HIS Job To Show The World He Loves You — NOT Yours

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It's A Man's Job To Show The World He Loves You — NOT Yours

Stop seeking validation.

When you start feeling the need for validation, it's a slippery slope to total desperation. 

Usually we think of people hunting for more than 50 likes on Instagram as thirsty, single girls who want attention (even though half the time that's not even the case and we're just all being assholes). But we forget that when women get into a relationship, the need for a social media following gets worse, not better. 

Girls post constant obviously staged photos of them and their boyfriends with captions about "being spoiled" and "so so so SOOOOOO lucky." 

A few of these are sweet, adorable and make us all still think love exists.

But when your feed is a never-ending brag fest about how happy you guys are together, then it just makes everyone wanna barf. 


It gets even more uncomfortable when it's obvious that the guy who is "oh so in love with you" is not trying to keep up with your posts. When your page is covered in "I love yous" and his is covered in basketball stats, SOMETHING is up. 

I'm all for doing whatever you feel comfortable with in a relationship (even if it means I'm going to hide it on my newsfeed), but I firmly believe that effort should be as equal as possible. 

Meaning if you're posting stuff about your relationship, he should be too. 

Not to say a few proud girlfriend moments aren't welcomed here and there, you should be showing him off!

But if the posts are constant and forced and you feel like you have to put something up or people won't think you're happy, then it's time to take a social media break. 


Of course your relationship is a big part of your life, and you want to show it off. But if it's your whole life — or the only think about your life you want to post — then you need to make some serious changes. 

Take a beat, relax and figure out how to find your balance again.

You'll be much happier if you do.