These Type Of First Dates Are Far More Likely To Lead To Marriage

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Simple First Dates Are Far More Likely To Lead To Marriage

Who knew!?

Everybody has something to say about dating — specifically, about what kind of dates are best if you're looking to get married. There's a whole school of thought that believes the best dates are wildly creative activities like jumping out of an airplane or going on a graveyard tour.

Yes, those kind of dates are memorable but they aren't the type that will most likely lead to marriage.

According to an article on Glamour, you actually don't need to do anything flashy or extreme on your first date for the two of you to have what has the potential to be a long-term committed relationship. In fact, a new study by the dating site PlentyOfFish discovered that of all the first dates that a couple can go on, the most popular among now-married couples, are the simplest.

Yeah, all those wild ideas you've been formulating for potential first dates? Put them on the back-burner for now.

The study questioned 1,100 participants — all former PlentyofFish users, all now married — and found that more than 65 percent of them went out for a meal or appetizers on their first date with the person who is now their spouse. The second runner-up date was going for a walk, followed by coffee or drinks.

What's the reason that these kind of dates are most effective when it comes to building a lasting bond? They allow for your conversation to be the main event. You can focus all of your attention on your date and what they're saying without the distraction that your blood pressure is spiking or that you have a fear of heights.

Once the foundation for a solid relationship has been laid down with the first date, you can choose bigger, more creative activities for the second, third, and fourth dates.

Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to building relationships.