What You're In For This Week, Based On Your Horoscope

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Fun, Free Daily Work & Love Horoscope For April 18 - 24
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Free horoscope for April 18 - 24. Plus, your sign's weekly theme song!

Aries: As your birthday month comes to a close, you see certain things come to a head. You don't mind this at all, since you love to run full speed towards your target — and you always aim for big results. Expect things to intensify at work, in love and at home all week. You might even be surprised by a casual fling that turns into a bit more than you had imagined!  
Now, just because these opportunities are coming your way doesn't mean you need to act on them, but who are we kidding — you'd load up your plate at a buffet even if you weren't that hungry, because, well... Duh! It's there for the taking. 
You definitely have fun plans for the weekend because things are super smooth with the squad. If you encounter any tension or bad politics at work, hold your ground and blow off steam this weekend. Though it may seem like a small tornado swirling around you, keep your feet planted, your temper in check and your goals in site. Follow your yellow brick road!
Aries' weekly theme song: Reach For The Sky —Social Distortion
Taurus: It's your birthday, we're gonna party like it's your birthday! By midweek, it's time for Taurus to take center stage. We know it's been a bit rocky for you lately, but think of it as clearing out the old to make room for the new (and improved!). If someone from the past is still lingering, take time this week to weigh the pros and cons. The same applies to any work situation that has been hanging over you. Just don't make any major decisions yet. This is a time to reflect, not act...yet.
The full moon on Friday may have you feeling pretty emo, but hey — it's good to get things out and on the table, so express yourself! It'll help you in those longer term decisions. Once you've got the emotions out, communication is good all weekend. Hey, we all need to feel understood and with all the change you're dealing with, you definitely need to vent!
Try to get some major relaxation in on Sunday: spa day, massage? You deserve a break from the tension.
Taurus' weekly theme song: Caribbean Blue —Enya

Gemini: You are known for your fashion forward ways, and this week you certainly spend some time reflecting not just on your appearance but how you view yourself and how the world views you. It's not just about your smashing outfits, but what you want to truly accomplish in life. Your birthday time is approaching, and it's got you analyzing where you are and where you want to be. It's great to reassess every so often!
In general, this week, your emo side is out and you might be clashing with someone close or experiencing a shift in your relationship. Just channel that inner strength and tell yourself: This will pass! You need to get out and socialize. It will cheer you up, and give you the chance to meet people who can potentially help you accomplish all you're dreaming of. Have faith in yourself. Your squad is there supporting you, too, so feel the love and don't dwell on the debbie downers. Focus on yourself and on the positive!
Gemini's weekly theme song: Everybody Wants To Rule The World —Tear For Fears

Cancer: Hard work does pay off, and you know this — which is why you've been a workaholic lately! This week is nothing if not a big pat on the back encouraging you to keep moving forward with your goals. You may get a bonus or some sort of sign to stick it out.
It's not a good week for keeping secrets. The truth always comes out, and this week proves it. It's also a time when misunderstandings are likely, so don't have any arguments via text. At the office, a face-to-face conversation is smarter than a long email. 
Don't worry, it's not all intense and icky all week. By Friday you're on fire — throw on that LBD and get out there! The weekend is a good time for you to recoup and have some fun. Plan for a sexy night out, a squad sesh and some self pampering... Facials and mimosas anyone?! 
Cancer's weekly theme song: Creep —TLC

Leo: Leo, you know you have a certain kind of inner strength — just like your Lion symbol in the jungle. But even the most robust of Leos may want to schedule a check up this week or get on track with a new diet or exercise program. We're not talking a fad diet or weird craze... This is for keeps. This means adjusting your lifestyle to be the true queen of the jungle.
You may also be craving a change of scene on the work front. Either you're starting a new gig now, or looking for one. It might be different than what you were looking for, but it is well worth taking the risk. You won't know until you try, right? And anyway, you are so down to make bold changes in your image at the office. You want to be seen as the power player you really are, so up that fashion game and literally show everyone who's boss!
Make sure you get out on Sunday where you're drawing more admirers than you will know what to do with.
Leo's weekly theme song: Besame Mucho —Cesaria Evora

Virgo: The week starts off with you analyzing (shocking, we know) a certain connection with someone. You're not one for superficial small talk — you like to go deep into the seas of communication and intimacy. If this relationship can ride those waves with you, stick around. If not, jump ship! If you stay, you may realize it may not always seem like you get what you want — but you'll always get just what you need.
The travel bug has bitten you as well. If you can't get away, check out some food, books, concerts, etc. from all corners of the globe. You're getting stuffed on culture and you love it.
There may be some positive career news at the end of the week, so be ready to jump on it — and for joy! Enjoy the weekend where communication and domestic bliss are on the agenda.
Virgo's weekly theme song: Are You That Somebody —Aaliyah

Libra: It's looking to be a good week for you Libra! The start of the week may have you smiling with some good career news. You know you've been working towards specific big goals, so a small reward feels well deserved. Still, this doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels just yet! This is more of a push to keep going with this project. It's not necessarily a good time to start a new one, just hammer this one out first!
You've got some great opportunities coming your way this weekend, both in love and your career. Try to find the balance (duh, that's what you do!) to make sure you have time for both. You may be thinking about changing things up at home. Change is good right now!
With all this commotion going on around your career and finances, try not to let it take over your ego. You aren't what you make or what you wear, so don't go splurging on something you can't afford. What counts is on the inside. 
​Libra's weekly theme song: All Eyez On Me —Tupac

Scorpio: You're stepping into some big shoes at the start of the week. Don't psyche yourself out! You can do this, that's why these responsibilities and opportunities came to you to begin with... Right? When stress kicks in, just channel it to creative and innovative thinking. By the end of the week, you'll see that your star is brighter than ever and people are communicating easily with you.
You might be feeling a little more off than usual at the end of the week, but don't let it bring you down. If you need support and help, reach out to those closest to you. They won't mind helping you out right now — after all, you would do the same! Take that support and keep plugging away at your new ideas and projects. You can get a lot done this weekend, and getting a jump on things will make you feel better at the start of next week. 
Scorpio's weekly theme song: Gold —Chet Faker

Sagittarius: You aren't feeling very motivated right now. Normally your drive is off the charts, but it's okay to slow down a little when you're not feeling it. Don't beat yourself up! Take the time to address any health issues that arise. Sometimes when we're too busy, we don't notice that we've had a headache for weeks straight! So definitely take care of yourself this week. Take a look at your budgets too!
By the weekend, you should push yourself to get out there. Once in the crowd, your social instincts set in and you're meeting tons of new people that may bring change to your business and personal life. Sunday you're the star of the show, so don't hide out. Get out and make it happen!
Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Work It —Missy Elliot

Capricorn: This week is intense for you. If you've been getting closer to someone, it can go either way now. You may discover something about them that has you running the other way, or some other truths come out that actually bring you closer. Either way, you don't mind the truth being revealed.
Don't worry, things lighten up as the week goes on. By end of week you're feeling very social, so get to those happy hours because you're making a stellar impression all around. It will be hard for anyone to turn you down on Friday. All weekend you're blessed with great communication, especially on the homefront so enjoy some quality time with those closest to you (or alone!). You'll definitely need some down time after the events of this week!
Capricorn's weekly theme song: Wax And Wane —Cocteau Twins

Aquarius: Man — you really have the Monday blues. Why can't it always be a three-day weekend? You're in full-on homebody mode right now. Your focus most of the week is on your home and anything related to it.
You're also plotting for the future in many ways, and eventually you'll come out of your shell. Say 'yes!' to anything your good friends invite you too. It'll lift your spirits and get you out of the house. Beware: the way you see yourself (and the way others see you), is on your mind right now, so just make sure you're not doing anything you wouldn't want posted on Snapchat! 
Your energy perks up over the weekend so just ride out the start of the week. You got this!
Aquarius' weekly theme song: Feel Just Like A Child —Devendra Banhart

Pisces: Some well-deserved pats on the back at the start of the week have you grinning your way through the work days. The universe is telling you to keep moving with these projects and get as organized and in-depth as you can. Don't pick up other jobs yet — you need to focus on what's in progress already.
This week also has you house cleaning your relationships. Same as it goes for clothes: if someone isn't suiting you or making you look good, why are they still around? You want positive support around you, not Negative Nellies.
Make sure you are saving for that rainy day, because you may be caught off guard with a last minute expense. Don't fret — just be prepped. This weekend is chill. You'll be able to save some cash by enjoying some good times at home. You may be day dreaming of far off travel, so instead of pizza night, try a new cuisine. Your tastebuds will thank you!
Pisces' weekly theme song: Stepping Stone —Duffy