Jeff Buckley’s Interactive New Video Is EXACTLY What Love Feels Like

Photo: video still 
jeff buckley just like a woman

Beautiful, sad, sexy ... keep clicking.

Have you ever felt slightly depressed by something, but it was so moving and true that you didn't really mind? Well if you haven't, you're about to. 

Jeff Buckley's newest interactive music video perfectly captures the rollercoaster of emotions we've all felt when in a relationship. The listener can click on different panels in the video to see the various stages of a couple. You can also change the music, providing so many combinations that it would take you billions and billions of years to listen to all of them. 

Though you basically get to choose what kind of story you want to see, the video starts out each panel with the couple on the brink of a breakup. So don't be surprised of your wrist starts cramping up from all the clicking you're doing to avoid the sadness. Or to create more happiness.

But in a way, you want to see the sad because it's something we can all relate to. When a relationship is good, everything is pretty much sunshine and roses. You feel like you're a part of team that could never be shaken, but in life, it usually is. 

The scariest thing about relationships is how quickly they can change. One minute you're together and happy, and the next you can't be in the same room without fighting. We get into relationships because we don't want to feel alone, but often times the loneliest moments are spent with our partner. 

And when that happens, breakups tend to follow. While on paper it may seem like the worst thing in the world, usually it comes as a sigh of relief. What' the point of being with someone when you feel alone all the time? We often find peace after a breakup because we no longer have to pretend that we're happy with someone. We can just be. 

So whatever stage you're at in your current relationship — or even if you're not in one at all — I can almost guarantee you'll find some connection to this beautiful representation of love.