I Would NEVER Have Sex With Someone Who Supports Donald Trump (EVER)

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We all know that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has fueled more than it's fair share of Facebook brawls, and has likely even ended some friendships of the social media sort.

Personally, I've been wondering just how much the Trump Effect may be having an impact on dating, relationships, and people's ability to get laid.

Mr. Trump has long been notorious for his bold conquests of women.

New Yorkers have always known about his quest for the well-done Trump steak — a-hem, I mean “hot broad.”

Way back in 1991, the equal parts real estate developer, one-man brand, and infomercial peddler told Esquire, “You now, it doesn’t really matter what (the media) write, as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Trump hasn’t always sported that strangely orange Bain de Soleil #4 hue and the nest of yellow fluff.

In 1976, the real estate scion landed his second New York Times front page when he was profiled by Judy Klemesrud, who described Trump as “tall, lean, and blond, with dazzling white teeth,” and looking “ever so much like Robert Redford.” She adoringly described his ride as a chauffeured silver Cadillac with his initials emblazoned on the plates, and noted that he dated “slinky fashion models, belonged to the most elegant clubs, and, at only 30 years of age, estimated that he was worth more than $200 million.”

Just a year later Trump married former model Ivana, and the two became New York’s Page Six socialite power couple — until, as urban legend has it, a family ski trip to Aspen, during which Ivana bumped into her husband’s former beauty queen mistress Marla Maples on the slopes.

Fast forward 25 plus years and Trump is now poised to be the GOP presidential nominee, despite — or maybe because of — his brash bravado.

The Principles PAC ad running across the U.S. shows women reading some of his lesser known comments about women. The ad, called “Quotes,” includes Trump-isms referring to women as “bimbos” and saying that “a person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

He has expressed regret that he hadn’t had sex with Princess Diana when he says he had the chance. “She was crazy, but these are minor details.” More recently, he’s charged Fox News host Megyn Kelly with having “blood coming out of her whatever.”

While Trump may include women among “my people,” his misogynistic disrespect continues to piss off a whole new generation. And we haven’t even begun to touch how he imagines he’ll “let the good ones back in” when he orders Mexico to build that wall.

I have to believe that I'm probably not alone in my Trump-related unfriendings.

While I do border on political obsession, especially during an election cycle — and remaining a neutral bystander isn’t an option for me — I have always been able to respect political differences. I even have Republican friends! I swear it!

But, Trump’s raised the stakes.

This goes beyond climate change and social issues. It’s much bigger than that. Trump has pointed his finger at entire groups of people and shown extreme intolerance he tries to couch as a “refreshing burst of unfiltered honesty” — sort of like the drunken great-uncle who pinched your 18-year old ass and asked you to sit on his lap.

So cheering on the unfiltered megalomaniac billionaire as his fingers move closer to the atomic button is enough to get you permanently removed from my personal VIP list.

When it comes to dating, wearing or even owning a “Make America Great Again” trucker hat automatically converts any guy I meet into a swipe-left

If you’ve ever been on OkCupid, you have probably scrolled with one eye closed through the sex questions before deciding whether or not to hit reply, hoping that cute enough guy isn’t “really interested in group sex” or hasn’t “had a same-sex experience and really liked it.”

I don't know. Maybe you have different deal breakers than I do.

I just know I am finding it beyond frustrating that while many dating sites allow you to filter for political leanings, there is no filter yet to weed out the Trump supporters, which would take the terrifying possibility of coming face-to-face with one completely off of the table for me.

What if, I wonder, you’re in a LTR and suddenly find out your significant other is one of Trump’s people on the down-low? Do you take a vow of celibacy till after Election Day?

I suspect the divisiveness of this election cycle will lead to lots of breakups and divorces.

The lesson in all of this? If your brother or best guy friend wants dating advice, maybe tell him to scratch off that “Trump 2016” bumper sticker if he's hoping to get lucky. 

Happy Election Year dating!