How Your Weekend Will Go, As Told By Your Sign's Theme Song

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Free daily horoscope for January 22 - 24.

The weekend calls for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with the song that was seemingly written JUST for you? Your free daily horoscope for the weekend of January 22-24 is HERE with your weekend forecast and theme song.

Aquarius: You may be an air sign, but your feet are planted firmly on the ground right now. Tons of love is headed your way this weekend. All your besties and the fam are scrambling to get some of your time, and your romantic life will be getting a major boost by the full moon on Saturday. You'll need an extra day just to fit it all in! But hey, what can you do? It’s not your fault you’re so damn awesome.

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Feeling Myself —will.i.am Feat. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa & French Montana

Pisces: Saturday's full moon has you totally glimmering in the light. You're a sight for sore eyes all weekend, that's for sure. You have a bit of the travel bug. Take a long drive or find a body of water to make your home for the day. Invite a friend — or better yet, make it a date!

Pisces' weekend theme song: Wandering Star —Portishead

Aries: Your mood is so warm it feels like a Spring day. Saturday’s full moon promises to bring you a soul mate, or has you committing full force to the special someone who's had your attention. Plan a fun date for Sunday and get ready for pure bliss. 

Aries' weekend theme song: Let's Never Stop Falling In Love —Pink Martini

Taurus: It's not quite Valentine's Day yet, but it sure feels like it. Your love life is in for a treat this weekend. If you're already coupled up, your relationship is about to reach a whole new level. Single Tauruses can expect to meet someone special, maybe under Saturday's full moon?

Taurus' weekend theme song: Love Is The Drug —Grace Jones

Gemini: Savings account, 401k, cash in your mattress… Whatever you decide on, you're going all in when it comes to your finances. Spend some time at home this weekend — it promises to be a good time. Saturday night calls for a night out — the full moon is perfect for meeting new people and with your busy social calendar, you're always in the need of new sidekicks! 

Gemini's weekend theme song: Clique —Kanye West Feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z

Cancer: Your star shines bright all weekend long, and you're incredibly lucky. Saturday’s full moon brings you good news on the career front. Looks like this new year really has brought a boost to your work! You’ll have more options than you know what to do with soon. Decisions, decisions… No need to make any yet — just enjoy the possibilities and your gut will know when it’s time to make a move.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic —The Police

Leo: All you see are hearts today but by tomorrow, the rose colored glasses get a little foggy. Don’t let it drive you to picking a fight, because by Sunday things are looking up again. Maybe it’s time to ask for what YOU really want in that relationship right now. Whether it’s your bestie or bae, you just need them to hear you out this time — for real.

Leo's weekend theme song: Heads Will Roll —Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Virgo: You're brimming with energy today. While you're always down to put that energy into fun, you're also a hard worker. This weekend, set out some career goals and plan to stick to them. Sometimes it's possible to have it all, and this weekend you're living proof. 

Virgo's weekend theme song: Cream —Prince

Libra: Usually always seeking harmony, you’ve been a bit of a troublemaker lately. Sometimes it's OK to tip the scales a bit, but it does come at a price. Be prepared for some uneasiness until you find your zen again. Keep your heart open on Sunday, because someone you meet may not be your usual type — but they certainly draw you in.

Libra's weekend theme song: Tonight (Best You Ever Had) —John Legend Feat. Ludacris

Scorpio: The universe is all ears for you today. Sit down and really think about what you want for your career. You’ve been chasing your dreams, and deserve to reach them. In the meantime, romance is heating up and you’re taking things up a notch. Commitment doesn’t scare you — play it cool and you'll find someone who feels the same way.

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Unthinkable —Alicia Keys

Sagittarius: Even the biggest players sometimes get played. Your broken heart leaves you sulking for much of the weekend, but the game isn't over yet. Take a moment to really think about what went wrong, and make the right changes in your life. You'll be back to your fun, bubbly self in no time.

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Have Mercy —Eryn Allen Kane

Capricorn: You're ready to open up again. This weekend is full of positive communication. Though you may want to take a break from work, the full moon on Saturday brings an opportunity to make more money — and you just can’t refuse a deal like that! Don’t be surprised if someone you’re dating (or just hooking up with) drops a feelings bomb on you. Just hear them out… you might actually like what they have to say.

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Ready For The Floor —Hot Chip