The Absolute GREATEST Gift You Can Possibly Give Your Spouse

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Greatest Gift You Can Give In Relationships
Love, Self

And the best news: it won't cost you a cent.

Author and motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia once said, "The hardest battle you're ever going to fight is the battle to be just you." The hardest? That's a tough call; everyone's path is different. It's up there, though, and truly universal. Not to mention, fought daily.

When you're very young, you don't even know who you are yet. As you grow up, you try to reconcile how you feel with the expectations of society. 

At some point, you settle on a version of yourself that you show the world. That version is some percentage of the truth, while the rest is a façade to make yourself fit with the rest of society.

The higher percentage of your persona that's "true," the happier you are. It's hard work to put on a show for the world to hide your quirks, undesirable traits, or true feelings, especially if they'll work against you. 

It saps your energy to live a thousand little white lies. That's why most people only see the version of you that's fit for public consumption, while your closest loved ones see a version much closer to "the real you."

And because of the nature of your relationship, your spouse will likely see the realest you of them all. So, knowing that your significant other is fighting a difficult battle, what side do you want to be on?

Most couples are slow to "let their hair down" in a relationship. You try to create the best version of yourself to attract a person, so it's scary to let in your flaws, weaknesses, and oddities. But the truth is that we all have them, and it's so much more pressure to feel like you have to keep a secret or risk losing your partner.

Allowing your partner to feel safe enough to truly be themselves is a huge weight off their shoulders, and in turn, a boon to your relationship. You may find that what he thinks are flaws aren't flaws at all. And the issues that truly are issues can finally be addressed and corrected or accepted and lived with.

Burying these issues only causes your partner to spend energy and stress maintaining the illusions. If you allow them to be their true self, you're allowing them to maximize their potential happiness.

And isn't that what love is in the end? Don't you want the other person to be as happy as humanly possible? The best part is, it works both ways.